LPH-Max vs. AeroGarden Harvest- What’s the Difference?

If you are from an urban environment, you can not get enough space or season to grow your favorite plants. Also, the traditional way of planting outdoor all year is not as effective for growing plants from seeds; you might need to consider growing plants in a hydroponic system. The hydroponic system is an environmentally friendly option where you need less water and almost no soil to create a base for gardening. There are plenty of hydroponic options out there, and today, you will know the difference between LetPot LPH-Max and AeroGarden Harvest and which one will be better for your home.  

 Letpot Lph-Max Smart Garden

 Letpot lph-max is the world's first 4-in-1 automated smart hydroponic garden which has modern features. You can almost grow 21 plants at a time with it, which stays fresh and healthy. Plants grow in sponges with the help of water and nutrient without any soil. It has a 9-level full-spectrum LED system which helps to grow plants 40% percent faster than the traditional ones. 

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AeroGarden Harvest 

 If you are looking for a beginner-friendly option with no flashy features, then aerogarden harvest will be your ideal choice. You can control the planter with the simple illuminated button to control light automation and care indicators. Plants can grow successfully in water with the help of nutrients and water, no soil and mess. It has energy-efficient grow lights for faster growth.  

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What is the Difference between LetPot Lph-Max and AeroGarden Harvest?


Growing Pod

 In letpot lph-max, you will get 21 planting pods to cultivate plants. You do not need a yard to prepare the plants from seeds. More than 1000 plants can grow out of seeds in these pods. In aerogarden harvest, you can easily grow 6 planting pods which are 5x faster than traditional soil planting. If you are a beginner and do not need a big growing pod, then this will be your ideal choice.  

 Material Finish

 Letpot lph-max has an amazing stainless steel finish which makes it durable and it’s twice dense. From time to time, it can get scratches, but you can easily fix it with a simple solution. Aerogarden harvest has a sleek matte plastic finish which looks amazing as an indoor planter. It is UV ray resistant, fog resistant, and unbreakable, and its color does not fade easily.  

 Growing Space

 Letpot lph-max has a growing space of 14.96 inches; as a result, you can grow the seeds more effectively and make them capable plants to survive. Aerogarden harvest has a plant growing height of 12 inches, which is almost 2 inches smaller than letpot lph-max; as a beginner, it’s a good option.  

 Price Range

 Letpot lph-max is slightly costlier than aerogarden harvest. If you want to have gardening experience indoors and want to grow multiple healthy seeds for your garden, it’s a good option.Aerogarden harvest is affordable and beginner-friendly. You can start your own small garden with your favorite plants at home.  

 Display Type

 Letpot lph-max is the world’s first automatic adding nutrients and watering smart hydroponic system. It has an app, Alexa, and touchpad control, which is an amazing feature as you can take care of your garden anywhere and anytime. It has a 4.6-inch touchpad LCD screen with a dynamic display. In aerogarden harvest, there is no particular app, Alexa, and touchscreen features. It has simple buttons, light automation, and care indicators so you can easily understand your plant needs. 

 Vacation Friendly 

 Letpot lph-max has amazing modern technology features where you can easily control your hydroponic system anywhere and anytime. This watering system makes it more efficient when you are often out on vacation. It has an automatic watering, nutrient, cycling, and LED system to meet the plant's every need.  Aerogarden harvest is not automated, but it gives you a signal to add water and nutrients and has automatic light on and off feature. But this feature is not automated as a result; not a vacation-friendly option, but it’s easier to use.   

Buying Criteria for Hydroponic System


Do you want it convenient or effective? 

The 1-part Hydroponic liquid can be your best option if budget and simplicity of use are your top priorities. With this, you do not need to be concerned with the different plant varieties or growth stages. The trade-off is that you do not give plants their full growth potential. Certainly, not all types of plants can benefit from it. You must get a 3-part nutrient package if you choose a decent option. But by customizing the mix to accommodate different plants, you'll also give up convenience for nutrient management.


How many plants will it hold?

 The hydroponic system's plant retaining capacity should be one of the most crucial considerations. In other words, consider how many plants you want to grow and determine whether your chosen garden has enough pods or spaces for them.As some hydroponic systems contain overhead LED lights that may or cannot be raised upward, consider if the plants need open space above them.


Should you get the fertilizer liquid or powder?

 Due to their excellent premixing and ease of use, liquid fertilizers are frequently used by beginners and hobbyists. However, their cost is higher because they contain water, but powder or dry forms are more affordable. They also last longer on the shelf.Some pre-mixed powder products are available on the market, which is a fantastic option for Hydroponic enthusiasts who like the powder form but also need some simplicity. All they need to do to make the powder soluble is add it immediately to the water and mix.


Do you consider hydroponic systems organic or synthetic?

 Many gardeners desire to use an organic hydroponic system.However, even if organic products appear to be the healthiest for the planet and you, the problems are their systemic issues and unpleasant odors.And the majority of fertilizers sold for hydroponic plants are not organic.They can only be regarded as organic if you buy the organic forms yourself, such as blood meal, fish bone, etc., and add them to the solution.Even if the producers of some product lines, like Gen Organics, claim to be organic, they are not truly organic since they include various types of refined minerals.


Should you get the soil all-purpose or made for hydroponics products?

 Don't believe the claims made by manufacturers of multipurpose nutrients that they will work in any setup, whether hydroponic or soil-based. Purchase items designed for hydroponics to get the greatest outcomes.The top pre-mixed hydroponic fertilizer products should cater to a certain demand. Quality, control, usability, and costs all play a role in the selection process. Better is to have fewer; it will be more difficult for you to choose if you are given too many options.

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