Vicks Plant –The Protector Of Avoiding Bad Bugs

Vicks Plant –The Protector Of Avoiding Bad Bugs


Once I was hanging out in the flower market, a special fragrance came with breeze and caught my nose. Following the fragrance, I saw a small plant swaying in a soft wind. With more vigorous shaking by seller’s hand, the fragrance became heavier than before. 

Do you wonder what is it?

This is Vicks plant, with small fuzzy oval leaves, which looks as cute as the four-leaf clover. It can produce a special fragrance by shaking to prevent bad bugs, but smell nice to people. People can no more worrying about mosquito in summer!!!

Now, LetPot is going for introducing the method of planting to you.

 Vicks plant’s planting tips:

1.Scientific name: Plectranthus hadiensis var. Tomentous(Beth) Codd

2.Native: Cape of GoodHope,Africa


-Light-like: Vicks plant is heliophiles but shade tolerant, so you can put it on the balcony where shuns from direct sunlight

-Warm-like: you should put it in the air over 41 Fahrenheit in winter;

-Dry-like: it will die while the soil is too wet.

-The loose and breath sandy soil is the best base for it to live

4.Bloom: March to April (Spring)

5.Fertilization: Using the thin liquid Fertilizer once per month in growing phase is enough. (potassic manure and phosphate are the main)

6.Watering: Keep the soil moist in growing phase, rather than too wet. And guys should pay attention to avoiding water standing in pools in rainy season.

7.Propagation: Cuttage (work for the whole year)

Step 1: Cut down 4 inch branches of the Vicks Plant.

Step 2: Remove all the leaves on the cut-branch where you plan to plant into soil.

(tip: make sure that leave 2-3 leaves on the branch’s stem)

Step 3: Put the cut-branch under the shadow to airing for two days.

Step 4: Plant the cut-branch into the growing medium, and then put it close to balcony to takes in the light energy, as well as keeping the soil moist.  

Step 5: The branch will take root in the soil after half a month.

Tip: Cause to its exuberant vitality, you’d better to separate them from each others while planting, and then prune in time.

8.Protection: Because of the fragrance, there is fewer bugs harming the plant. If you see the red spider mite, you can rush it away from the plant by water and spread the affected area with garlic juice.


Finally, If you guys have any question, feel free to comment or contact me. We can make a discussion and share the planting experience. Come on, let’s pot it!

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