Why do we make LPH-Max Hydroponic Growing System

Planting method of Hydroponic

In the developed stage of MP1, LetPot spent half a year researching all the smart gardening products on the market, learned about the planting method of hydroponics, and then designed MP1 by combining hydroponics and soil cultivation. We like hydroponics very much, but we still encounter many problems in the practical process, which brings us some new and innovative thoughts. How to realize automatic addition of nutrient solution without frequent manual addition? How can I achieve automatic water addition to ensure the state of my plants when I travel? How to realize the adjustment of lighting mode instead of being static? How to increase the number and area of ​​planting? Thus, the prototype of LPH-Max was born. LPH-Max is the first smart garden on the market that can automatically add nutrients and water. All you need to do is to sow your seed and wait for the harvest. After constant testing and tweaking by LetPot, we decided to bring it to market at this time.


LPH-Max Description:

LPH-Max is the world's first 4-in-1 automated smart hydroponic system which is auto-filling water, auto-adding nutrients, auto-LED system and auto-cycling system, it has up to 3 water pumps and 2 water level sensors, which can automatically adding water and nutrients when the shortage is detected.

Not only the automated functions, LPH-Max is also the most practical smart garden so far. It has 3 control mode by APP, touchpad screen and via Alexa, the 4.8 inch dynamic display screen and APP can show the status of your smart garden that you can knows the status of your garden anytime, anywhere.

Land is no longer be the necessary condition for planting, LPH-Max has 21 planting pods, which is the most number of pods compare with the same type of product on the market, with a 9-level full-spectrum LED system which helps to grow plants 40% percent faster than the traditional ones.

With the 19-inch telescopic pole, it can also meet the growth stages of different plants. The stainless steel exterior is durable and easy to care for.

If you are a green-finger who has had a smart garden, the LetPot LPH-Pro can be your next choice. If you plan to own a smart garden, LetPot can be your only and first choice to start your gardening life.

The shortage of traditional hydroponic gardens:
1.The limitation of water tank capacity, can not ensure watering while you are on a business trip or vacation.
2.Nutrient solution is troublesome to use, and the proportion is complicated.
3.The LED light is too bright to hurt people’s eyes and can not meet the different needs in the different growth stages of plants.
4.Too less planting pods to satisfy gardeners’ needs
5.Not only nonsupport remote control by APP, but the manual adjustment is complicated.

LPH-Max solutions:
1.The first smart table garden that have an automated filling water system, which can automatically replenish water when a water shortage is detected. Free of watering trouble.
2.The first smart table garden that can automatically add nutrients by the built-in nutrient reservoir
3.9-levels adjustment automated LED light system to meet different needs in the growth stage of plants
4.Built-in cycling pump to supply oxygen to plants
5.21 planting pods to increase yield
6.Support multiple control modes, such as APP, touch-pad screen, and Alexa.

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