Why do we make LPH-Max Hydroponic Growing System

Why do we make LPH-Max Hydroponic Growing System

Introducing LPH-Max: LetPot's Innovative Hydroponic Growing System

The Genesis of MP1 

In the development phase of MP1, LetPot dedicated six months to studying the smart gardening products available in the market. We delved deep into hydroponic planting methods and subsequently designed MP1, merging hydroponic techniques with traditional soil cultivation.

Challenges in Hydroponic Growing System

While we're enthusiasts of Hydroponic Growing System, we faced challenges in its practical application, sparking innovative solutions. We pondered:


  • How can we automate nutrient addition without constant manual intervention?
  • How can we ensure our plants remain hydrated during our travels?
  • Is there a way to adjust lighting modes dynamically?
  • Can we expand the planting capacity and area?

The Birth of LPH-Max Hydroponic Growing System

These questions led to the creation of LPH-Max Hydroponic Growing System, the market's pioneering smart garden capable of automatic nutrient and water replenishment. With LPH-Max, users simply sow their seeds and await the harvest.

Ready for the Market

After rigorous testing and refinements, LetPot is now ready to introduce LPH-Max to the market.


LPH-Max: Revolutionizing Hydroponic Growing System

Unparalleled Automation Hydroponic Growing System

LPH-Max stands as the world's premier 4-in-1 automated smart hydroponic growing system. It boasts:

  • Auto-filling water capabilities
  • Auto-nutrient addition
  • An automated LED system
  • An auto-cycling system

With three water pumps and two water level sensors, LPH-Max ensures optimal hydration and nutrition for plants by detecting and addressing any shortages automatically.

User-Friendly Controls and Monitoring

Beyond its automation, LPH-Max offers unparalleled user interaction:

  • Control via a dedicated APP, touchpad screen, or APP
  • A dynamic 4.8-inch display screen and APP integration, allowing users to monitor their garden's status anytime, anywhere

Maximized Growth Potential

Land constraints are a thing of the past. LPH-Max features:

  • 21 planting pods, the highest in its category
  • A 9-level full-spectrum LED system, accelerating plant growth by 40% compared to traditional methods

Its 19-inch telescopic pole accommodates varying plant growth stages, ensuring flexibility for diverse planting needs.

Sleek and Durable Design

Crafted with a stainless steel exterior, LPH-Max promises durability while being easy to maintain.

Why Choose LPH-Max?

For seasoned green-thumbs with prior smart garden experience, the LetPot LPH-Pro is a worthy upgrade. For those new to smart gardening, LetPot offers the perfect starting point for a fulfilling gardening journey.


Challenges with Traditional Hydroponic Growing System

1. Limited Water Tank Capacity:

Traditional hydroponic growing systems often have a restricted water tank size, making it challenging to ensure adequate watering during extended absences, such as business trips or vacations.

2. Complex Nutrient Solutions:

Using nutrient solutions can be cumbersome. Achieving the right proportion often becomes a complicated task for users.

3. Inflexible LED Lighting:

The brightness of standard LED lights can be excessively intense, potentially harmful to the eyes. Additionally, they lack adaptability to cater to the varied lighting needs across different plant growth stages.

4. Insufficient Planting Pods:

Many traditional systems offer a limited number of planting pods, which may not meet the expectations of avid gardeners.

5. Lack of User-Friendly Controls:

Not only do many systems lack remote control capabilities via apps, but their manual adjustments can also be intricate and non-intuitive.

LPH-Max: Pioneering Solutions for Modern Hydroponic Growing System

1. Automated Watering System:

LPH-Max is the first smart table garden equipped with an automated water-filling system. It detects and replenishes water shortages, eliminating the hassle of manual watering.

2. Built-in Nutrient Reservoir:

Another first for smart table gardens, LPH-Max can automatically add nutrients from its integrated reservoir, simplifying plant nourishment.

3. Customizable LED Lighting:

With a 9-level adjustable automated LED light system, LPH-Max caters to the diverse lighting needs of plants throughout their growth stages.

4. Oxygen Supply System:

The built-in cycling pump ensures plants receive a consistent supply of oxygen, promoting healthier growth.

5. Expanded Planting Capacity:

LPH-Max offers 21 planting pods, allowing for increased yield and gardening variety.

6. Versatile Control Modes:

Users can seamlessly control LPH-Max through multiple modes, including a dedicated APP, touch-pad screen, and even voice commands via App

Embracing the Future of Gardening with LPH-Max

In an era where technology and nature intertwine, LPH-Max stands at the forefront, redefining the boundaries of hydroponic growing system. By addressing traditional challenges and introducing pioneering solutions, LetPot ensures that both novice and seasoned gardeners can experience the joy of cultivation with ease and efficiency. Dive into the future of gardening with LPH-Max and witness the harmonious blend of innovation and nature..



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