Addressing Your Concerns: Key FAQs on LetPot Hydroponics growing system

Addressing Your Concerns: Key FAQs on LetPot Hydroponics growing system

In the era of technological advancement, indoor planting machines have emerged as a preferred choice for many gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our brand, recognized for its state-of-the-art technology, swift delivery, and exceptional customer service, has successfully garnered the trust of a broad spectrum of customers, both new and returning.


Why We Compiled Guide

We believe in the power of communication and the importance of addressing the concerns of our users. Therefore, we've taken into account the feedback and queries we've received over time and have compiled this guide. Our aim is to provide clear, concise answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products. This initiative is part of our commitment to enhancing your experience with our indoor planting machines and helping you utilize them to their full potential.


The Popular Questions of Hydroponics Growing system

Stay tuned as we delve into the specifics of our MAX series, discuss the use and maintenance of hydroponic machines, and provide tips on cleaning and upkeep. We hope this guide will serve as a handy resource, making your indoor planting journey smoother and more enjoyable. And remember, our customer service team is always ready to assist you with any further queries. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


II. FAQs about the MAX hydroponics growing system

Questions about MAX's automatic watering

Note: Please do not set the switch of automatic mode when the water in the equipment is at full level, it is not effective.

1. The ‘Auto’ mode is turned off by default when the machine is powered on. There are two ways to start the ‘Auto’ function: press the pump button on the screen panel for 3 sec or open the ‘Auto mode’ on the APP directly. To be attentive, the machine shall be with the low water level in the water tank when turning on auto-adding water. Otherwise, it will trigger the protection mechanism to close the auto function.

2. While auto-adding water, the machine will refill the water tank from the external reservoir when back to the low water level, stop to add water when the floater reaches the max water level, then inject the appropriate proportion of nutrients. It's about 2-3 secs, so you may not notice it.

3. While auto-adding water, if the pump has worked for 5 minutes and the floater does not reach the max level detected by the sensor, the machine will automatically turn off the auto mode and report the error. The water icon on the panel will flash, and the App will push a notification to remind you of the abnormal.

4. Some reasons for abnormal situations about adding water: 1. lack of water in the external reservoir; 2. the floater blocked and unable to flow with water; 3. the water pump damaged.
PS: If the pump is damaged, plz contact LetPot’s customer service mail in time.

5. If you meet the problem of ‘automatically jump to close the auto mode’, plz check the machine first, referring to the above conditions and sorting it out, then restart the ‘Auto’ functions.

If the product is faulty, take a photo or record a video and send it to LetPot APP will get LetPot engineers to analyze the problem.

Questions about adding nutrient solution to MAX

1: About setup adding nutrient solution

Remove the lid of Max and the plant together, then add A and B nutrients, 50ml each, separately into the nutrient reservoir.

2:APP Notification when the nutrient solution tank is low

When the nutrient solution in the nutrient solution tank is low, the nutrient solution indicator on the device panel will flash and the APP will give notification.


3:Switching MAX's Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit

To switch the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa, kindly press the "F°︾" button on the MAX panel to switch to Fahrenheit temperature display. If you want to switch back to the Celsius temperature display, just press the "C°︽" button on the device panel.


III. Use and Maintenance of Hydroponic Growing System

About when should the nutrient solution be added

When the water tank is running low, you can simply replenish the water and nutrients at the same time. Typically, LetPot recommends a ratio of water to A&B of 1L:5ml. This formula is suitable for the growth of most plants. No additional plant food is required. For advanced users, microelements may need to be added according to different plants, growing environments, and water quality.

About the circulating water pump work

The water pump operates in a cycle of 30 minutes of work followed by 30 minutes of rest when the switch is turned on. This cycle helps to increase oxygen in the nutrient solution, promote plant root respiration and enhance nutrient absorption. So that it keeps working in a cycle. When the water pump switch is off, the water pump will stop working.

About the power consumption 

We have computed that from the LED fill light, the power is around 24/36 watts (Senior&MAX) when turned on, and around 5 watts when turned off. This amounts to 0.424 kWh when calculated for one day, where 0.024 kWh is consumed for 16 hours and 0.005 kWh is consumed for 8 hours.
0.024*16+0.005*8 = 0.424 kWh (Senior)


IV. Cleaning and Maintenance of Hydroponic Machines

About cleaning the water pump of the hydroponic growing system:

Just need to remove the pump cover (snap-fit structure), rinse the sponge inside with water or detergent, and then press it back. Only the sponge needs to be cleaned.

About cleaning mold in the hydroponic growing system:

As per LetPot botanist advice, we suggest immediately emptying all the plants and thoroughly cleaning the water tank of the hydroponics growing sysytem. General non-corrosive detergents can be used to clean equipment and parts. It is best to dry it or place the equipment under sunlight or UV light to completely eliminate the mold place for a few days before starting a new planting cycle.


Thanks to each of our customers

Designed our indoor hydroponics growing system with the aim of making home gardening a more accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone. This guide, based on customer service receives frequently asked questions, is a testament to our commitment to providing customers with the necessary resources to make the most out of our products.

From understanding the specifics of our hydroponics series to learning about the maintenance of hydroponic machines, we hope this guide has provided customers with valuable insights. We've covered key topics such as automatic watering, nutrient addition, temperature unit switching, and power consumption, as well as essential cleaning and maintenance tips.

Remember, encountering challenges is a part of the journey. If customers come across any issues or if the machine shows an error, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our LetPot APP service team is always ready to assist customers. Customers also can send us photos or videos of the problem for a more accurate diagnosis.

As we continue to innovate and improve, people's feedback is invaluable. We encourage people to share experiences, concerns, and suggestions with us. Together, we can make indoor planting an even more rewarding experience.

Thank you for choosing LetPot as a partner in the indoor gardening journey. We look forward to growing together.


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