About The LetPot Smart Planter | MP1

About The LetPot Smart Planter | MP1


LetPot is a smart indoor garden with an automatic watering system that lets you easily grow delicious organic veggies and fruits at home all year round. Plant anything you wish anytime and anywhere.

 Feedback from LetPot community

LetPot is our first try on crowdfunding, but our team has been working on the smart garden for years and sold thousands of smart gardens to the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China. These pics are our previous product and some feedback from LetPot community.


LetPot provides everything plants need for the fast healthy growth of fresh herbs and vegetables or decorative plants, feel free to grow anything you like.

 With an innovative App-controlled watering system, connect with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, you can choose the best watering mode for your plants with just one click on your phone. No matter where you are,  LetPot will water your plants automatically and remotely. 




One single water refill lasts for 30 days, the water will automatically circulate from the water tank to the planter. You never waste water and never need to worry about forgetting to water. LetPot will take care of your plants automatically whether you are at home or not.



LetPot is made from 100% recyclable UV resistant & food-grade resin that is safe and durable. The entire system is IPX6 waterproof and easy to use both outdoors & indoors. Balcony, kitchen, living room, back yard. LetPot is perfect everywhere.




You can expand the planter system as many times as you want, freely increase or remove each 2L single planter as needed, and you can also refit the planter to provide a bigger space for larger plants. Gardening has never been so easy, fun and flexible.




LetPot also supports solar charging and LED grow lamps. You can put your planter in your outdoor garden and use the solar panel to power up your LetPot. Clean and energy-efficient. Meanwhile, you can also use the LED grow light to help your plants grow vigorously.






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