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Pro Hydroponics Growing System, 15 Pods Smart Garden with App Control

Pro Hydroponics Growing System, 15 Pods Smart Garden with App Control

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Experience year-round gardening success with LETPOT Hydroponic Growing System. Grow up to 15 veggies, fruits, and herbs simultaneously with our 36-Watt LED Full-Spectrum Lighting System, which simulates sunlight and promotes plant photosynthesis regardless of the weather. Choose from two planting modes for fruits and flowers or veggies and herbs. Our LPH-Pro model offers two control modes, with the app control allowing you to customize the lighting system and timer. The LCD screen makes it easy to switch planting modes and turn the water pump on and off. With LetPot Smart APP Assistant, you can monitor and control your garden from anywhere, and the Plant's Diary function helps you track your plants' growth and fertilization.

Smart App Assistant for Easy Gardening

Control your garden from anywhere with ease using the Smart App Assistant, which offers Remote control, Planting Diary and Plants' information services. With the latest version of the app, you can easily set up the program and select from 2 planting modes. The LED system and cycle pump can also be timed according to your preferences, and you will receive reminders for water and nutrient shortages.

Effortless Hydroponic Gardening: Faster, Cleaner, and More Efficient Plant Growth"

Experience hassle-free hydroponic gardening with our automatic LED and water pump timer. Our system creates a water circulation environment with added oxygen for faster, cleaner, and more efficient plant growth compared to traditional soil-based methods. With a 6L height water tank, you can enjoy over 20 days without needing to add water. Simply add water and nutrients in the correct proportion and let our system take care of the rest!

Grow Fresh and Abundant Produce with LetPot Smart Hydroponics Garden

LetPot's hydroponic garden boasts effective full-spectrum LED lighting, with 36 watts of White, Blue, and Red LED lights to support the growth of up to 15 veggies, herbs, fruits, or flowers at once. With two planting modes and a lighting system that simulates natural sunlight, your plants can thrive all year round, even on rainy days.

Maximize Your Plant's Growth Potential with Adjustable LED Panel and Height Rod"

Achieve maximum growth potential with our highest rod, providing ample space for your plants to thrive without limitations. Adjust the height of our LED panel to cater to your plants' different growth stages, ensuring optimal growth conditions. Pro tip: Place the light panel 4-6 inches away from your veggies for better light absorption and faster growth.

  • Product

    Model name:LPH-PRO
    Plant pod capacity 15
    Product width 430 mm (17")
    Product height 170 mm (7" )
    Product depth 130 mm (5")
    Product weight 3kg(6.6 lb)

  • Product Attributes

    • Power consumption 36 W
    • Cable length 1.5 m (59″)
    • Water tank capacity 6 L (1.6 US gal/1.3 UK bal)
    • Material Recyclable Premium Resin
    • Support:120V / 220V
  • What's in the box

    • LPH-PRO
    • 36W LED grow light system
    • 15-Pod Seed Kit
    • 2-Plant Food Nutrients
    • Power Adapter
    • One-year after-sales warranty on the official website

LetPot LPH-PRO Grow Fresh Veggies Anywhere, Anytime

The LETPOT Hydroponic Growing System allows you to grow an impressive variety of 15 veggies, fruits, and herbs all at once. With a powerful 36-Watt, LED Full-Spectrum Lighting System that mimics natural sunlight, your plants will thrive no matter the weather. Choose from two planting modes for fruits & flowers or veggies & herbs, and easily control the lighting system and timer via the app on your phone. The LCD screen also provides convenient access to switch planting modes and turn on/off the water pump. With the LetPot Smart APP Assistant, you can manage your Smart Garden from anywhere and keep track of water and nutrient levels. The Plant's Diary function on the app even allows you to record and monitor the growth cycle and fertilization of your plants. Bring the joys of gardening into your home with the LETPOT Hydroponic Growing System.

  • Effortlessly Grow Healthier Plants with Smart App Control

    With our automatic ON/OFF timer, you can easily set up the LED and water pump to create a water circulation system that adds oxygen to the roots. This hydroponic method promotes faster and cleaner growth compared to soil-based methods. And with our Smart App assistant, controlling your system is a breeze.

  • Versatile 36W LED Grow Light with 2 Planting Modes

    Experience the power of 100% real 36 watt full-spectrum LED plant light with LetPot's hydroponic growing system. With two innovative planting modes and a mix of White, Blue, and Red LED lights, your plants will receive the perfect amount of light and nutrients to thrive. Don't settle for mediocre growth, upgrade to LetPot today and see the difference in your plant's health and yield.

  • Green and Clean: LetPot Hydroponics Garden Kit - Soil-Free and Contaminant-Free

    LetPot Hydroponics Garden Kit: Soil-Free, Natural, and Green Growing Experience with Lasting Water Support. The 6L height water tank supports last 20 days without watering.

  • Harvest a Variety with LetPot's 15 Growing Pods

    With 15 Growing Pods, You Can Meet Your Planting Needs and Harvest an Abundance of Fresh Produce at Once

  • Travel Worry-Free with LetPot Hydroponic System's 6L Big Water Tank

    With a 6L big water tank, this hydroponic system can take care of your plants for up to 2 weeks, allowing you to travel worry-free.

  • ColumnPremium Resin Hydroponic Garden Kit

    Our hydroponic garden kit is made of 100% recyclable premium resin, ensuring durability while being environmentally conscious. Its sleek design complements any space, whether it's in your kitchen or office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Scott Cline
I love it

I did a lot of research before purchasing the LPH-Pro. I especially like the super long telescopic light pole. This is the longest of any on the market and allows for you to grow larger vegetables and plants in the unit. I was super excited when my LPH arrived. I set it up and there was a problem with the APP. I was not able to connect to my WIFI. I was bummed, but sent a help ticket to support. WOW... the support team is AWESOME!!! By the next morning they had sent me a response saying they had fixed the issue with the APP and since then everything has worked great. I am very pleased with my purchase and have lettuce, dwarf cherry tomato's , and even a pepper plant growing in my LPH now. It is very enjoyable to check their progress daily in these dreary winter months. I definitely recommend LETPOT for their thoughtful engineering design and super customer support. Thanks LETPOT team!!

This hydroponic growing faster

I really like it . I will say it is limited on what your can grow . Although I do like it a lot . It's worth it . I would suggest get the farm size tho . The light is really bright . Works so far . Hopefully I'll get alot of use out of it .

Excellent hydroponic system

This unit was a gift for my elderly parents, who love to garden. They have a small garden in their backyard, but the crops tend to die during the winter season. This product allows them to maintain crops that produce a yield year-round.

Krisanie Laveck
Krisanie Laveck

I bought my unit last year just before Christmas. After a power failure the touch screen would never work again. For a while I was able to control the settings through the app, but ultimately contacted customer service through the LetPot website. They replaced the base and power cord with minimal hassle, I had the new parts in less than a week. I LOVE my LetPot. The biggest problem I have is trying to remember to harvest it before it grows out of control! The first two pictures are about 4-5 weeks after planting, the third picture is the same pods after 2 months and multiple harvests. I will say my least favorite herb is the Thai basil (it tastes like licorice...but it smells amazing while you prune it).

Tabitha W.
Still going strong

I love how easy it is to setup and use! It literally walks you through each "garden" kit step by step making it dummy proof, my 8yo can set it up on her own!

I live in zone 6a and can harvest lettuce and grow tomatoes while it snows outside, it's so awesome!

Will be getting more garden kits and another, bigger, garden for next season.