LetPot newly developed smart plant light GL series

LetPot newly developed smart plant light GL series


 Why we create the GL grow light?

After a year and a half of research, development, and continuous exploration, we are proud to announce the official launch of the LetPot GL Series Smart Plant Light. This product, which we believe to be truly practical and user-friendly, addresses several issues we identified in the existing market offerings.

The GL-60 is equipped with 100 1-watt LED beads. By setting safe and reliable parameters, we ensure that 100% of the hardware specifications achieve 60% power output. This approach not only guarantees the reliability and longevity of the product but also ensures that the 60 watts of light output meet the illumination needs of most household plants. You can easily adjust the settings via an app or remote control, including when the lights turn on and off. The LetPot plant light can automatically execute your settings, and even after a power outage, it will resume previous settings once power is restored.

Additionally, we have introduced a sunrise and sunset mode that perfectly simulates natural light, effectively promoting plant growth. We take pride in the carefully designed adjustable stand, which weighs nearly 6.7 pounds, providing sturdy support for the plant light and maintaining stability, unlike the rough and flimsy stands commonly used in the market, which pose a danger due to their instability. We believe that despite higher material and transportation costs, it is essential to use superior materials and quality. Furthermore, the stand supports height adjustments from 4 inches to 72 inches, accommodating different plant heights and ensuring easy use in any setting. Whether for a seedling tray or a large money tree, you can rely on the GL plant light to provide a reassuring supplemental lighting experience.


Technical Excellence and User-Centric Features of the GL-60

Optimized Power and Performance

The GL-60 model is equipped with 100 LED beads, each rated at 1 watt. Through secure and reliable parameter settings, we ensure that the hardware operates at 60% of its capacity, effectively delivering 60 watts of power. This not only guarantees the product's reliability and longevity but also provides sufficient lighting for most household plants. This careful balancing act between power and performance is key to our design philosophy.

Ease of Use with Smart Controls

Users can effortlessly adjust settings via an app or a remote control. Whether it’s setting the time to switch the lights on or off, the LetPot plant light can automatically execute your settings. Even after a power outage, it will restore the previous settings upon re-powering. Additionally, we have introduced a sunrise-sunset mode that mimics natural sunlight to effectively promote plant growth.

Stable and Adjustable Design

What sets our product apart even further is the meticulously designed adjustable stand. Weighing approximately 6.7 pounds, the stand provides solid support for the plant light, ensuring stability. Unlike the flimsy and unstable stands commonly found in the market, our robust design prioritizes safety and durability. Despite the higher material and transportation costs, we commit to using superior materials and maintaining high quality.

Versatile Height Adjustment

The stand supports height adjustments from 4 inches to 72 inches, catering to the lighting needs of plants of various heights. This versatility allows users to easily use the GL growing light in any setting, from nurturing seedling trays to lighting up larger plants like the Money Tree, offering a reassuring supplemental lighting experience.

Our commitment to quality, functionality, and user experience drives the innovation behind the GL Series, ensuring that each feature not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

"Throughout the development process of the LetPot Smart Plant Light, we have consistently prioritized user needs. We gathered extensive feedback from users, selected ten beta testers from our Facebook community, and repeatedly improved the product based on the issues they raised. Although this approach increased the time and cost of product development, we understand that only by addressing the actual pain points can the product truly offer convenience to users. We place real user needs ahead of sales and costs. With this smart plant light, we hope to help more families easily enjoy the pleasure of planting. Even if your window doesn't receive sunlight, you can still use the LetPot plant light for indoor gardening. At LetPot, you can trust that every number we publish is an accurate description, not an empty promise." - Said by Product manager


Key Features of the Product

1. Remote and App Control:

The control system of the LetPot Smart Plant Light is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Users can adjust the light settings remotely via a remote control or a mobile app. This convenience allows for easy adjustments even when busy and ensures more flexible timing for turning the lights on and off, eliminating the hassle of manual operations.

2. Adjustable and Foldable Steel Stand:

To meet the needs of various planting environments, the light comes with an adjustable steel stand that can extend up to 72 inches and lower to just 4 inches. The light panel can also rotate 360 degrees, ensuring every leaf receives ample light. Whether it's for desktop plants or large potted plants, the perfect lighting angle is always achievable.

3. Sunrise-Sunset Mode and 8-Level Adjustable Brightness:

grow lights for indoor plants

he LetPot features a specially designed sunrise-sunset mode that mimics the natural changes in light to promote plant growth. Additionally, the 8-level adjustable brightness allows users to select the ideal brightness for the current growth stage of their plants, optimizing growth results.

4. 100% Real 48 Watts and 60 Watts Full-Spectrum Plant Lights:

To ensure the light is effective and authentic, a full-spectrum lighting design is utilized. This design not only simulates natural sunlight but also offers two lighting modes: Vegetables & Greens and Flowers & Fruits, to meet the growth needs of different plants. The true high-power output and detailed spectrum design ensure robust growth for every plant.

5. Aluminum Grille Cooling Technology and Independent Power Adapter:

For the safety and longevity of the lamp use, aluminum grille cooling technology and a thickened aluminum base plate are employed to effectively prevent overheating. Additionally, the independent power adapter includes comprehensive circuit protection, further enhancing the product’s safety features.

Feedback from the First Batch of Users


Voice from the early users

“There is much to like about this grow light. I am using it to germinate seedlings and grow vegetables. Very easy to assemble out of the box. You can use the light on a stand or hang it. The stand is adjustable, lightweight and easy to move around, but very sturdy. The light doesn’t overheat. You can control it via the LetPot app. It’s a very well thought out design.” - Joy La San

“Brilliant!! Love it, arrived today, set up really easy. Connected via WiFi, added to to LetPot App and away you go. Can totally recommend. Another great product from Letpot!!” - Martin Lancaster



With the launch of the LetPot Smart Plant Light, we have expanded our product line to include a series of plant lights and will continue to introduce more practical and reliable products in the future. Each new product carries our care and expectations for home gardening enthusiasts. We hope that through this product, users can more easily care for their beloved plants and fully enjoy the pleasures of planting. Looking ahead, we will continue to listen to the voices of our users, constantly improving and innovating to provide them with superior gardening solutions.

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