[Pre-sale] SunVibe 48-watt Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light

Estimated Shipping: March 15th

Take Sunlight in your home for indoor plants

Recreating the brilliance of natural sunlight, LetPot's SunVibe Full Spectrum Plant Light provides your indoor plants with the vital energy for strong and healthy growth.

Simulating Real Sunlight with Full Spectrum

Our full spectrum LED light provides the wavelengths needed for photosynthesis, with ample power wattage to mimic real sunlight. This ensures your indoor plants receive sufficient lighting and can even simulate the light changes of sunrise and sunset.

Adjustable Height for All Growth Stages

With 8 adjustable light levels and a height range from 4 inches to 64 inches, this light is versatile for every stage, from germination to growth. It's designed to meet the varying light requirements of plants at different stages of growing.

Two Control Modes

The SunVibe grow light offers both App control and remote control, allowing you to manage the automatic on and off times of your LED light just as easily as controlling your Letpot Hydroponics Garden via your smartphone.

360° Rotatable LED Panel for All-Around Lighting

Whether your plants are on a desk, the floor, or even hanging on the wall, the Letpot SunVibe's 360-degree rotation feature ensures every plant, regardless of its placement, receives comprehensive lighting.