Product Improvement

Early in 2019

What were are before Letpot

Prior to LetPot, our team collaborated with the Agricultural Sciences Academy to design sensors and an irrigation system capable of monitoring and detecting concentrations of Ammonia and Nitrogen, as well as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, wind, and rainfall.


The first prototype of smart planter

The first iteration of the Modular Planter, which includes app control, was introduced as the MP1 and SP1 within our internal team. It should be noted that while one version features app control, the other does not.


The first crowdfunding

We started our first crowdfunding on kickstarter and get 200 backers when we first did some marketing things.


Start New product line

The development plan for a smart drip irrigation system and a hydroponic system is currently on schedule

Drip Irrigation System - User Manual


Another prototype

In early 2022, the first indoor drip irrigation and hydroponic systems were introduced.

MAX Hydroponic - User Manual


Avialable for order

The fully self-managed indoor hydroponic system, also known as LPH-Max, was featured on Indiegogo for crowdfunding purposes.


Dripping irrgation version 2.0

We have made several upgrades to the control app, including improving network stability and redesigning the user interface (UI) of the Letpot app.


Bigger plantting pots

After receiving feedback from the Letpot community, we have decided to design a 2-hole planting pod for the hydroponic system max, as well as upgrading the stands to enable users to DIY their own stands for plant climbing.


Not ready to publish

In 2023, there are more than ten planned upgrades and new product releases that remain confidential at this time.