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LetPot Max hydroponic growing garden offers a fully self-managed gardening solution with features like auto-refilling, auto-nurturing, auto-lighting, and auto-cycling, catering to the modern, busy lifestyle. It's designed for minimal user effort, ideal for those who travel or are frequently away, ensuring plants receive precise care in their absence. This advanced automation means you can enjoy your time away without worrying about your garden's health. Upon return, you'll find a flourishing garden, making Letpot Max the perfect choice for effortless, efficient hydroponic gardening.

Higher Yield | Purer Food | Less Work

Hydroponics offers a soilless solution for growing plants, leading to higher yields and purer food. By using a nutrient-rich water solution, it allows for precise control over plant nutrition and eliminates many soil-borne pests and diseases. This results in less pesticide use and cleaner produce. Additionally, plants in hydroponic systems often grow faster and can be harvested more frequently, increasing overall productivity. LetPot's smart app further simplifies hydroponic gardening, enabling efficient management and time-saving, particularly for those often away.

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Smart indoor garden

Grow Smarter, Harvest Better

LetPot app enhances gardening with smart features. Users can adjust lighting levels, set light schedules, and choose modes directly via their smartphone.

LetPot Max offers automated nutrient addition, while drip irrigation settings allow for customized watering schedules, duration and interminttent.

Alongside, the app includes a Plant Diary for tracking growth and a comprehensive Encyclopedia for plant care knowledge. It's a compact tool for integrating advanced gardening technology with ease.

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What our customers say


Super results so far!

"The setup and maintenance of the hydroponic unit is super-easy and connecting the app was seamless. Seeds sprouted within a couple of days and now are growing like crazy. Getting ready to harvest and plant our second round! "


Saving my plants life

" I have everything link to my phone. So my plants are never thirsty anymore. It will be a great tool when I’m going out of town too. Highly recommended. "

Ashley E


“ Two weeks into planting seeds, I have an amazing start to my garden. I am so satisfied with this product I wish I could have 100 of them placed throughout my home. Very easy to set up and definitely works great!"


Comparison with Aerogarden. Impressions after 6 days

" After 6 days, the cilantro, two types of lettuce, and Godzilla broccoli have started sprouting. Technology has improved a lot in the hydroponic space. "

Yolanda M. Gilyard

47 Day of Growing

" Planted strawberries and blackberries in this pot 47 day ago. Added nutrients every one and a half weeks, and these plants are thriving. "

Paula Tripp

Love this product!

“ I received this as a birthday gift and couldn't love it more. Wanted to grow my own lettuce! It's compact but produces a good amount! I just harvested for the 2nd time and it was so delicious!! "

Daniel Snyder

Love this product

" This has give us wonderful lettuce. I love that it's wifi as well. "


Just Love My LetPot!

" This is my second batch of Lettuce and Basil coming in nicely. Can't wait. Just love my LetPot! Buy one now, you won't regret it. "

Scott I.

Works well, enjoying the various configurations

" We would definitely consider getting more of these to increase our capacity if we wanted to do some hydroponic veggie growing! "


Day 93: Harvest day for carrots.

" View from the back.Longue Rouge Sang on left, Little Fingers in middle, Parisienne on right. "


Provide Enough Full Spectrum Ligjht

" 2 LPH MAX machines provide enough full spectrum light to maintain a total of 8 Park Seed Kitchen Mini Pepper ���plants and 1 Micro Dwarf tomato. "


Saving my plants life

" I have everything link to my phone. So my plants are never thirsty anymore. It will be a great tool when I’m going out of town too. Highly recommended. "

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