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Smart Drip Irrigation System

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LetPot is a smart gardening brand that aims to make growing fruits and vegetables easy and enjoyable for everyone, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner. Our mission is to simplify the process of growing plants and make use of technology to enhance the joy of gardening, giving you more time to enjoy the greenery and your harvest.

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About LetPot Hydroponic System MAX

● Self-managed nurturing control
● Auto-watering & recycling System
● App monitor to know water level, nutrients status, lighting, temperature and etc in your phone
● 4.6 inches monitor touchpad with dynamic display
● water & nurients shortage alarm on app and touchpad
● Submit your feedback in app or in Jetpot facebook group to bring more feature with your ideas!
● Provide 21 pods to plant more
● 9-level adjustable LED lighting system for different plant need
● Waterproof Nano Coating on the light to extend its lifespan
● 7.5L watertank reduce the refill frequency
● Watering pump, Nurturing pump and recycling pump maintain efficiency

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Monitor Your Plants in LetPot App

The LetPot app serves as a valuable assistant for gardeners, with various features such as Device Control, Plants Diary, Plants Encyclopedia, and Plants Recognition by taking pictures.

With Device Control, users can monitor and control their LetPot devices, while the Plants Diary function enables them to record their planting process, ensuring proper fertilization and harvest dates are not overlooked.

The LetPot Plant Encyclopedia boasts more than 2,000+ authoritative plant information, making it easy for even novice gardeners to acquire professional knowledge and skills.

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Test by 300+ KOL&KOC

We draw inspiration from the market and feedback, driving us to continuous innovation. With innovations and technologies, we have gained support and testing from many KOLs & KOCs as well as renowned platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, helping LetPot to grow and create continuously.

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Loved & Trusted by 20,000+ Users

User experience is our most important metric. With dependable products and sincere service, we have garnered support from numerous users. Together with our users, we strive to create better products and experiences.


Super results so far!

"The setup and maintenance of the hydroponic unit is super-easy and connecting the app was seamless. Seeds sprouted within a couple of days and now are growing like crazy. Getting ready to harvest and plant our second round! "


Saving my plants life

" I have everything link to my phone. So my plants are never thirsty anymore. It will be a great tool when I’m going out of town too. Highly recommended. "

Ashley E


“ Two weeks into planting seeds, I have an amazing start to my garden. I am so satisfied with this product I wish I could have 100 of them placed throughout my home. Very easy to set up and definitely works great!"


Comparison with Aerogarden. Impressions after 6 days

" After 6 days, the cilantro, two types of lettuce, and Godzilla broccoli have started sprouting. Technology has improved a lot in the hydroponic space. "

Yolanda M. Gilyard

47 Day of Growing

" Planted strawberries and blackberries in this pot 47 day ago. Added nutrients every one and a half weeks, and these plants are thriving. "

Paula Tripp

Love this product!

“ I received this as a birthday gift and couldn't love it more. Wanted to grow my own lettuce! It's compact but produces a good amount! I just harvested for the 2nd time and it was so delicious!! "

Daniel Snyder

Love this product

" This has give us wonderful lettuce. I love that it's wifi as well. "


Just Love My LetPot!

" This is my second batch of Lettuce and Basil coming in nicely. Can't wait. Just love my LetPot! Buy one now, you won't regret it. "

Scott I.

Works well, enjoying the various configurations

" We would definitely consider getting more of these to increase our capacity if we wanted to do some hydroponic veggie growing! "


Day 93: Harvest day for carrots.

" View from the back.Longue Rouge Sang on left, Little Fingers in middle, Parisienne on right. "


Provide Enough Full Spectrum Ligjht

" 2 LPH MAX machines provide enough full spectrum light to maintain a total of 8 Park Seed Kitchen Mini Pepper ���plants and 1 Micro Dwarf tomato. "


Saving my plants life

" I have everything link to my phone. So my plants are never thirsty anymore. It will be a great tool when I’m going out of town too. Highly recommended. "

Our Mission

At LetPot, we are always a user-driven brand now and in the future. Scale is not the core of what we focus on but on a great experience delivered to every user, such as our dedicated app support and continuous optimization solutions.

We believe, planting should be simple, technology and innovation should improve the gardening experience, and the green harvest should belong to everyone. Come and join the LetPot community to build a fun and trustworthy smart gardening brand with us.

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