Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the item, if you have other questions, please just chat with us.

Drip Irrigation System

After setting the parameters or turning on the switch, the drip irrigation doesn‘t start working immediately?

(1)Due to circuit protection or the network problems, sometimes your settings and switches do not take effect immediately, and the device will record and work according to the settings again within 1-3 mins.

(2) In order to prolong the service life of the water pump, the total time of a single watering of the equipment will be completed in multiple times. The device will automatically stop for about 30 seconds every time it runs, and then start up again until the time you set. rather than a continuous watering at one time.

Why the total minute of each watering of the drip irrigation doesn‘t follow the setting of each duration?

To protect the life of the water pump, the equipment will automatically stop for a while about every 30 seconds, and then start again until the total minutes that you set, instead of keep watering to the setting minutes at a time.

How many plants i can take care of

The LetPot Drip Irrigation Kit have complete accessories for 10 pots in a set, you can also buy some extra accessories, 20 is the max recommanded quantities of the dripper

How long of the water pipe?

A: The water pipe of each set of LetPot Drip Irrigation kit is 10M length and it has 0.5cm in diameter

What's the GPH and lift of the pump?

The pump Q max is 240L/H

The device doesn't work while you are plugging in the power supply

(1)Check out your socket has power
(2)Check out the DC plug whether connects tight enough to the device’s power or not.

The system will be fine to run nutrients through?

The drip irrigation can pump liquid nutrients, but in order to prolong the service life of the pump, it is recommended to draw clean water after a period of time to rinse the residual nutrients in the pipeline, because the nutrients will produce salt after evaporation.

Bluetooth does not connect to the device

(1)Close the phone to the device and check out the green light.
(2)If the green light alaways ON, it means the other phone is connecting. Disconnect and restart the device
(3)When the mobile phone cannot search for the device, check your phone whether the Bluetooth is turned on first. If still can not connect with your device, please close the APP and open it again, and try to connect again. Only one device can be connected at a time.

The device fails connection to the WIFI

(1)Check out the WIFI is 2.4G
(2)Check out the correct name and number of your WIFI
(3)Reboot the device and router and try again

How to make the device water immediately

(1)After setting the parameter on the app, the device will work immediately.
(2)The device begin to water for 3 mins automatically after short pressing the logo button, and stop by pressing again.

The red light is often work

(1)Check out the lack of water or not
(2)Check out the water line above the filter or not

The hose is pushed out while watering

(1)Open the valve of the Dripper before plugging to the power supply
(2)Because of the large pressure of the pump,you should adjust the valve up to the maximum while you are linking only one pot.

Smart Planters

What's the size of every planter?

The size of a single hydroponics planter is :17cmx16cmx14cm, the size of a single soil planter is 17cmx16cmx22.5cm.

What’s the type of power plug?

We will provide different power plugs according to different countries.

Dose a set include water pipe and water tank?

Yes, LetPot smart garden is a full set. You can check more details in what's in the box section on the campaign page. Each set of LetPot package are includes 2M length inlet&outlet water pipe.

When will the LetPot Smart Planters be shipped?

It will be shipped on April 2022, now you can order it with 30% off on Indiegogo, to be the seed users of the World’s first modular planter combines soil-culture and hydroponics.