Hydroponics Nutrients Liquid Plant Food

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Style: 1-Pack(4 Pcs)

What's in One Pack:

· A Liquid Nutrients 100 ml Bottle *2Pcs

· B Liquid Nutrients 100 ml Bottle *2Pcs


How to use: 

Step 1: Fill bottles A and B with water and shake well to ensure the contents are thoroughly mixed.

Step 2: Utilize the bottle caps to measure, with scale marks from 1ml to 15ml. Mix 5ml of hydroponic nutrients from both bottles A and B into 1L of water. Use the table below to determine the correct mixture for your hydroponic growing system's requirements.

Hydroponic Growing Nutrient Proportion

 Water  Nutrient
2L 10ML A + 10ML B
3L 15ML A + 15ML B
4L 20ML A + 20ML B
5L 25ML A + 25ML B
6L 30ML A + 30ML B


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