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Automatic Watering System, Drip Irrigation Kits with App Control

Automatic Watering System, Drip Irrigation Kits with App Control

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Smart Gardening with LetPot's Drip Irrigation Kit and APP Control

With LetPot's smart drip irrigation kit, you can easily control the frequency and duration of watering via the exclusive APP through WIFI & Bluetooth. Not only does it save much more water than traditional irrigation equipment, but it also ensures your plants receive optimal care even when you're on vacation. Plus, LetPot's APP provides you with over 2000 plant information and a plant diary to help you monitor your garden's progress.

LetPot Drip Irrigation Kit: Effortless Plant Watering

Never forget to water your plants again with LetPot's drip irrigation kit. Compatible with any water tank or bucket, our kit will remind you to add water through the app when the tank is running low. Enjoy peace of mind, even when you're away from home.

Precise Plant Watering with LetPot's Adjustable Drippers and App Control

Take control of your plant watering with LetPot's customizable mobile app. With just a few taps, you can easily set the frequency and duration of watering. Plus, our device features an intuitive one-click button for even easier operation. With adjustable drippers, you can set different water outputs for each plant, ensuring they receive just the right amount of water they need. Our intermittent watering design ensures your plants and soil absorb water fully without overflowing.

Silent, Waterproof, and Efficient

With an IPX66 waterproof rating, LetPot drip irrigation kit can be used outdoors or on the balcony, even in the rain. Its super silent water pump ensures a noise-free operation, making it suitable for use in any room, including the bedroom and living room.

Save Time and Hassle with LetPot's Automatic Watering System

Why have to water your indoor/outdoor plants every day by yourself? Meet the LetPot automatic watering system. It is a self-watering system that helps you manage your plants conveniently, it supports remote control by APP assistant via WIFI and Bluetooth. The built-in soundproofing system can keep noise away while the device is working. One small drip irrigation kit can handle up to 20 plants. If you lack time to take care of your plants in daily life or when you go travel, LetPot can be your super butler for your potted plants, Whether you're a busy person or a frequent traveler,LetPot is the ultimate plant butler you don't want to miss.

  • Products

    • Power input AC110-240V
    • Function: Auto watering anywhere
    • Water pipi:10m(394"/33')
    • Support:WIFI & Bluetooth
    • Waterproof:IPX66
    • Watering Cycle: maximum time 4 week
    • Pump:super quiet without worry about noise

  • Product Feature

    • Intelligent water flow monitoring, water shortage reminder by APP.
    • Easily control via APP & One-click button to water.
    • Adjustable drippers, to adjust the output of different plants.
    • Mineral purification filter to reduce clogging.
    • The accessories included in the package can be used for 10 pots.
    • Clip and glue-free, it can be hung or directly affixed to the wall, Easy installation.

  • What's in the box

    • Power Adaptor x1
    • Filter ×1
    • Adjustable Dripper x10
    • Tee Connector x10
    • Water Pipe Bracket x10
    • Water Pipe 10m
    • LetPot Drip lrrigation Controller x1
    • One-year after-sales warranty on the official website
  • APP Water shortage detection

    APP Water Shortage Detection

    The LetPot irrrigation kit will remind you when detecting the shortage of water in water tank by sensor, directly send message to your phon.Not afraid to forget to fill water

  • Adjustable drip head

    Adjustable Drip Head

    The drip head is adjustable that you can control the water dripping speed in different plants.Set a different amount of water for each plant

  • IP66 Water proof

    IP66 Waterproof

    Rugged water proof design make LetPot dripper can be used both indoor and outdoor, It's fearless of raining

  • Silent water pump

    Silent Water Pump

    Super silent water pump will keep the noisy away, no matter in the bedroom or in the living room

LetPot App: Always Up-to-Date for Your Convenience

Upgrade Your LetPot Experience: Latest Version 2.3.6 Boosts Network Stability and Mobile Reminders. Experience Continuous Improvements with Regular Bi-Weekly Updates from LetPot Engineers. Stay Ahead with LetPot's Cutting-Edge Technology.