Automatic Watering System 2.0, Drip Irrigation Kits with App Control

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indoor auto watering

LetPot Smart Drip Irrigation System

  • Auto watering by setting up the watering cycle and interval. Or completely customize the watering interval
  • Monitoring water level and sending water shortage alarm.
  • You can choose an App connection by Wifi or Bluetooth. IOS & Android is both supported.
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure, it is able to protect against water jets.
  • Almost silent water pump, as low as 30 DB that you can barely hear.
  • Adjustable drippers for different outputs of individual plants.
  • Include a perlite particle filter which can adsorb and filter impurities in the water tank, reducing the risk of clogging in the water pump and pipes.
  • Support up to 20 drippers.
indoor auto watering

Auto Watering Setup:

In the Auto Watering Setup, you have the flexibility to define both the frequency and duration of watering sessions. By adjusting the watering cycle from days to hours, you can precisely control how often your plants are watered.

Customizing Watering Intervals:

To optimize water absorption and prevent overflow, you can tailor the watering intervals within each session by setting the pump's operational and pause durations. This approach allows for intermittent watering, giving the soil ample time to absorb moisture effectively between cycles.

How to Set Up & Install LetPot Automatic Watering System

Features of LetPot Smart Dripping

Adjustable Drip Rate

Tailor the drip speed to the specific needs of each plant, choosing from slower to faster rates for optimal watering.

waterproof rating

IP65 Waterproof Rating

With an IP65 rating, the device withstands water projected from a 6.3mm nozzle in any direction without harm.

Anti-Backflow Valve

Introduced in the 2.0 upgrade, this new feature prevents water from flowing back into the device, ensuring its longevity.

filters in auot watering kit

Perlite Particle Filter

The perlite filter within the water tank traps and filters out impurities, significantly reducing the risk of clogs in the pump and pipes, for smoother operation.

Dry-run protection

LetPot water pump features automatic shutoff for dry-run protection, preventing damage when out of water, unlike other brands that risk burning out by running dry.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy a faster and more stable connection with Bluetooth, offering a reliable alternative when WiFi is unavailable.

LetPot Drip Irrigation System VS Others

LetPot VS Other



Pipe material

✅Thicker and premium

❌Thin nadtransparent

Algae formation

✅Prevent algae inpipe

❌Easy to form algae


✅Odor free

❌Bad smell and toxic





✅Quality resin

❌Easy aging and smashed

APP control

✅ Yes


indoor auto watering dripping

What's in the box

  • LetPot Drip Irrigation Controller
  • Power Adaptor x1
  • Perlite Particles Filter x1
  • Adjustable Dripper x10
  • Tee Connector x10
  • Water Pipe Bracket x10
  • Water Pipe 33 feet
  • Pipe clip x 2
  • Fixed Clip x1
  • Anti-backflow valve x1
  • GPH of Water Pump: GPH 12G/H
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V, 1A
  • Wireless Connection: BLE4.2,WIFI 2.4GHz
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Control Mode: LetPot APP
  • Pipe Diameter: 1/4 inch hose
  • Material: Resin without BPA

Tested by 300+ KOL & KOCs

Unboxing, Setup & Review | LetPot Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit
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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

It works great , left for a long Hawaii vacation and was able to remotely water my plants from my phone app. I was very happy to open my tent when I got back, and find my flowering girls doing great!
I have 4 10gallon pots with 2 drippers on each.

Hrvoje Horvat
Excellent, does the job but there are few things that could be improved

After setting it up and testing this is now in use for 3 weeks and works perfectly. I can no leave my few plants unattended for months, which was exactly what I tried to achieve (when combined with web cam you can even double-check the green state of your plants to be absolutely sure everything is OK.)
Few things I would like to be changed/improved:
1. Connecting pipes and t-connectors is very hard if you want to do it right to make sure the water pressure does not disassemble it so you have a leakage
2. The green-light indicator is constantly blinking and when you have in a living room for example it's very annoying and I had to cover it with some cloth. This could maybe be a configuration option (to maybe even disable completely when idle) or the light should not blink when the pump is idle - that should be the default - and when it's on the schedule (i.e. running) then it would make sense for it to blink.
3. Plastic or metal wall mounter could also be nice addition to the what's included in the package (but this in not a big deal to DIY).

I was not sure during buying and I was positively surprised that you can control the device from anywhere (not just when you are on the same network with the device) so you can create ad-hoc custom schedules and configure watering however you want it and run it from anywhere, you just need to be connected to the internet. Just great!
Make sure to test the system before you put it in production because you have to adjust drippers depending on how far away from the pump they really are and this totally depends on your setup and total length of used pipes (that's completely normal).

Shannon Greenlese

I am traveling a lot this year and was worried about my plants. Not only can I monitor the water from my phone, the pump does not siphon the rest of the reservoir and I will be able to leave for several weeks!

Very handy device

Does its job without problems. Setup needs some creativity, especially with smaller plants (the tube's weight can topple smaller pots). Intermittent watering schedule is extremely useful.


Edited: 5 stars I recommended it thanks, they both work real good, hooks up to WiFi easily no problem, now I don’t have to think about the plants getting water or not, put them both on an automatic water schedule 👍.
Working with them to correct an order, I will update the review asap when I receive resolution in 3-4 days per the information that I was given.