LetPot is a smart gardening brand that aims to make growing greens and fruits easy and enjoyable for everyone, whether you're a seasoned pro or a becinner. Our mission is to simplify the process of growing plants and make use of technology to enhance the joy of gardening, giving you more time to enjoy the greenery and your harvest.

Our Mission

LPH_MAX hydroponic grow system

Originated as a technology solution team focused on agricultural loT and smart homes, we were established in Hong Kong in 2007. After 12 years of experience in developing and desiqning
agricultural loT devices and information systems, and
accumulating expertise in agricultural equipment and smart homes, we officially launched the LetPot brand in 2019, specialize in the desian, development, and operation of consumer-grade smart gardening products.

We have always believed that greenery and harvest are for everyone. Planting should be a simple, easy, and enjoyable activity This is why we aim to empower traditional gardening products with technology. For example, sensors can detect if plants lack water, reminding users to water them. The design of automatic waterino frees users' hands, allowing them to spend more time enioying life and harvesting greenery, without worrying about plant growth or withering while away from home. Through our software, we provide
smart controls and a planting academy, eliminating the need for complex operations and designs, so that everyone can become a
planting expert easily.

With LetPot, you can enioy fresh herbs and vegetables throughout
the year, reducing waste and carbon emissions caused by market
purchases, allowing children to learn and understand the process
of plant growth. Bringing the beauty of nature and a green lifestyle
to everyone is our mission and pursuit, This allows people who are
far from nature to experience the beauty of green living easily, and enables urban dwellers to have their own green garden all year round.


We believe that whether youre a gardening pro or a novice, planting and green living should be easy and enioyable. That's why
we've incorporated smart agriculture technology into our gardening products, allowing users to grow plants as easily as using
smart home appliances. Start your planting life, and then just sit back and enjoy.

Automation Control

Combining automation technology, LetPot's products can achieve functions such as automatic watering, automatic nutrient addition,automatic water circulation,and automatic liaht control.

Sensor Detection

Includes various detection solutions and technologies such as water level sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, soil sensors EC & pH meters.

Intelligent App Assistant

Supports control and interconnection of LetPot's ful! range of products, remote reminders, smart monitoring, planting academy, and other functions

Robust and Durable Materials & Manufacturing Processes

With a failure rate of less than 0.1%, attributed to excellent manufacturing processes, including nano-waterproof technology and stainless-stee! cladding technology. All materials are made of high-quality resin free of BPA and recyclable environmentally friendly materials.


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Hydroponics Growing System

Automatic Watering System

Smart Plant Pot

Smart Modular Planter

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