How to Install a DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System for Potted Plants

How to Install a DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System for Potted Plants

What is a drip irrigation kit? Think of a drip irrigation kit as a smart watering system for tanks and containers. It hangs directly from your garden tank or faucet, so when the water turns on, your pots will be watered at the same time. You can turn on the water manually, or set it on an automatic timer.

Benefits of Installing DIY Drip Irrigatio for Containers
Installing a smart drip system for potted plants has many benefits for you and your plants. The main benefit is convenience, automatic drip irrigation systems make container gardening easier! The self-watering system not only makes your watering anywhere anytime but it's also precise for them to get just the right amount of water. Watering your plant pot consistently not only keeps your plants healthy and healthy but also helps prevent problems like bloom rot. Healthy plants have fewer problems with pests and diseases and produce more delicious food for us. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to install a DIY drip irrigation system for potted plants.

We have a sunny area at the back of our house that I always thought was perfect for growing, But it's under the eaves of the house, so it doesn't have much water. My husband put a few cans of peppers there last year, but watering all those pots during the summer heat becomes a major chore. We had a drought last year so we had to water these pots several times a day. Not fun! Use this pot of peppers to line up this year, So we decided to add a drip irrigation system to make watering our container plants easy. It turns out that adding a DIY drip irrigation system to potted plants is as easy as adding overhead sprinklers to our greenhouse.

Potted Plant Drip Irrigation Kit

Depending on the number of posts you have in your container garden, you may need to use a drip irrigation kit to install your entire potted plant irrigation system. if you have 8 pots or less, you can buy a smaller set, or you can buy a larger set that will automatically water up to 20 containers.

Step 1: Selecting the Plants
Before you can install your drip irrigation system, you need to know which plants you want to water. This means that you need to select the right soil-based plants for your climate zone and region. In order to do this, consider the following: How much water does each plant require? If they all have different watering needs, it will be difficult for one watering system to accommodate them all. Are all of these plants similar in size and growth rate? If not, then it would be best for them to be separated into different pots so that each pot has an appropriate amount of water available for its needs at any given time. Do these plants have similar watering needs (e.g., frequent or infrequent)? If not, then again it would be best if they were separated into different pots so that each got an appropriate amount of water when needed most often (and vice versa).

Step 2: Se'tting the Drip Irrigation System

1. in an appropriate position. It can be secured with nano-adhesive
paper and clips on the back of the device. Please place your LetPot device in the location covered by the wifi signal. Cut a piece of the hose 2. and link one of the ends to the filter.
3. Then place the filter in the water tank or storage container(warn: pay attention to the water line above the filter). Next, link the other end to the water inlet “IN” below the device. And add clips at the connection between the water pipe and the inlet and outlet. Cut an appropriate length of hose to link the device and the first pot together. One end of thehose should be installed at outlet “OUT”, and the other end is linked to Tee Connector.
4. Then we need one more hose to connect the other side of the Tee Connector
5. to the Adjustable Dripper. Next, Water Pipe Bracket is used to make sure that the hose is securely anchored in the range of the pot(you can insert it into the soil to fix the position). The remaining end of the
Tee Connector
6. can be linked to another pot. Adjust the front knob of the Adjustable Dripper
7. to control water output.
Plug the drip irrigation kit into the power supply and connect to the LetPot app via WIFI or Bluetooth (according to the instructions of the app)
8: Install the Irrigation Dripper - Installing the dripper tip is super easy too. You basically just insert them into the open ends of the microtubes and place them in the container. Our dripper micro heads have spikes to hold them in place, so they stay where we put them.

We concentrated the microbeads in each of our pots, just to the side of the base of the plant. Be careful not to damage any tender roots or seedlings when you pierce the irrigation spikes into the soil.

Now you know how to install a DIY automatic drip irrigation system for potted plants. The key is to make sure that your plants are healthy and watered regularly with this type of watering system. Drip irrigation is an efficient and cost-effective way to water your potted plants. While it requires more initial setup, once you have your system set up, you’ll have a high degree of control over how much water each plant gets, making life easier and saving a lot of time. It's also easy to install on your own and doesn't take much time. It is a perfect choice for watering your plants because it saves water, saves time, and it is a good investment.

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