How to Install a Automatic Drip Irrigation System for Potted Plants

How to Install a DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation System for Potted Plants - LetPot's garden

Setting up an automated irrigation system like the LetPot Smart Irrigation Drip System can revolutionise how you water your vertical garden. This system not only saves time but also ensures consistent and adequate watering. Below is a detailed guide on assembling your LetPot system, incorporating improvements for better performance and reliability.

Step 1: Unbox Your Kits

First, unbox the LetPot Automatic Irrigation Kits and ensure all parts are included:
Smart controller (pump)
Water pipe (10 meters)
Adjustable drippers *10
T-connectors *10
Water filter *1
Hose brackets and clips *1
Rubber hose *1
Check valve *1
Clamps *2

Step 2: Setup the Water Pump

Connect the rubber hose to the pump. This hose will link the pump to your water source.
Secure the connections at both the water inlet and outlet on the pump with clamps to prevent disconnection and leaks.
Mount the smart controller (pump) near your water source using the provided clip or adhesive tape.

Step 3: Prepare the Water Pipes

Measure and cut the 10 meter long water pipe according to the layout from your water source to the plants.
Install the check valve into the water pipe near the pump to prevent water backflow and ensure a one direction flow toward the plants.
Attach one end of the water pipe to the output of the pump and secure it with a clamp.

Step 4: Setup the Filter

Connect one end of a small piece of water pipe to the filter.
Place the filter inside your water reservoir to purify the water before it reaches the plants.
Secure the other end of this piece of pipe to the water inlet below the device with a clamp.

Step 5: Arrange the Drip Lines

Utilize T-connectors to branch out water lines from the main pipe to individual plants.
Cut additional small sections of the water pipe to connect each T-connector to the adjustable drippers, using clamps at each connection point to ensure stability and prevent leaks.
Strategically position the drippers to effectively water the root zones of each plant.

Step 6: Test and Adjust

Fill your water reservoir and connect the irrigation system to a power source.
Use the LetPot app to connect the system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, making sure it's properly configured.
Activate the system to check for any leaks and ensure that each plant is receiving adequate water.
Adjust the flow rate at each dripper to cater to the specific hydration needs of different plants.

The LetPot Smart Irrigation Drip System is a valuable tool for anyone looking to simplify the care of their vertical garden. With the addition of a check valve and robust clamps, your system is now more secure and efficient, ensuring dependable operation and optimal plant health.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any installation issues, such as leaks or connectivity problems, consult the LetPot FAQs or contact LetPot customer support. Double-check all connections are tight and that the check valve is properly oriented to ensure it functions correctly.

With this automated irrigation system, you can now enjoy a thriving garden with minimal effort!

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