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LetPot 21 Pod hydroponics

Naran Nikulla said: "Here's the easiest way to support your plants andtray while cleaning your filters, pump & growbowl out."

LetPot Mini hydroponics

Martin Browningsaid: "Well impressed with the lepot mini, Lettucegrowing fantastic! "

LetPot 12 Pod hydroponics

Lee-Ann Fedec said: ''It's getting a bit out of control here, but veryhappy with the results.''

LetPot Max hydroponics

Experiments said: "Day 32 of watermelon experiment. Still waitingfor some goodies to show up. Exciting time.Golden Midget variety growing in LetPot Maxhydroponics system."

But atp my plants are the same height no new growth. I've added my air stone. What could be the issue? It's been planted for 58 days. Have they run its course?
Advice on getting a seed or two In the pod and not a bunch? I tried pouring from the pack but it always ends badly.
when you plant 2 seeds in a sponge and both germinate, how do you thin out one without harming the other? Or do you let both grow? Thanks!
There are tiny black things all over the bottom and on top of a Basil leaf and I just found this worm/web thing on the underside of a tomato leaf. Do I need to cut everything down and start over?

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