Hydroponic Oregano: How to Grow, Nutrition, and Recipes

Hydroponic Oregano: How to Grow, Nutrition, and Recipes

Oregano has an abundance of benefits, so plant lovers are always looking for ways to grow it easily at home. However, green thumbs without a garden find themselves in a challenging position due to the lack of appropriate growing conditions. Luckily, hydroponic oregano is a plant that thrives in less-than-ideal environments. Nowadays, hydroponic systems allow us to grow our favorite greens in the comfort of our homes, and oregano is not excluded.

If you are thinking about growing oregano indoors, it is time to learn everything about its needs. Not having a garden is not a problem anymore! Learning about hydroponic features related to this herb will encourage you to introduce a new plant to your indoor green family. By taking the right steps, you will achieve your desired results much faster than expected!

That is why I have decided to share my experience with growing hydroponic oregano. Here, you will read everything about the growing process and nutrient requirements. I have also included a few oregano recipes you may want to try once your plant is ready. Fresh oregano cannot be compared to the dried alternative you buy at the grocery store, and you will see that for yourself once you see the thriving success of your effort!


How to Prepare for Growing Oregano Hydroponically?   

Oregano is one of the easiest plants to grow hydroponically. When it comes to its growing conditions, you are in luck because this herb does not have many requirements. By meeting them, you will have a healthy and flourishing oregano plant

Before you begin the growing process, you will need to have the essentials ready. You need to start with the right equipment and tools to achieve the desired results from your planting.

Here are a few things to take into account before planting your hydroponic oregano.


Choose The Oregano Variety That Can Grow Hydroponically

Believe it or not, there are many oregano varieties, and while most of them will thrive indoors, you need to be certain that you have the right type. Among the most popular varieties is the Greek and Italian oregano. Nonetheless, there are also Syrian and golden varieties that may come in the mix. When choosing the type of oregano you want to plant and take care of, you need to determine the type you want.

Considering that all of them are good candidates for hydroponic growth, I cannot tell you which one to choose. This is more about the matter of taste, so it is up to you to pick the variety that goes along with your preferences. If you cannot decide, try to determine what you will use the oregano for. Another option is to plant several varieties and see which one works best for you. Gardening involves experimenting, so sometimes, you need to resort to such options until you discover what suits you most.


Pick The Hydroponic System You Will Use

Since oregano is more easily grown in water rather than soil, you have the opportunity to choose from several different hydroponic planters and be sure that they will work. Some of them include drip or wick systems, aeroponics, and so on. However, if you intend to look after oregano herbs indoors and want to do it as simply as possible, you may want to opt for smart solution.

I have learned to embrace technology, and smart hydroponic systems have been really helpful in my gardening journey. Having an app at your disposal to help you take care of your hydroponic oregano will do miracles for your gardening success. It makes the entire monitoring process smooth, and you know exactly what your plant needs at all times. Moreover, using a smart hydroponic planter has helped me learn a lot about growing oregano, so now, I know exactly what this herb requires to thrive.


Obtain Necessary Tools and Equipment

Besides choosing the oregano variety and the appropriate hydroponic planter, you need all the other necessary tools in advance. This means that you need to obtain nutrients that your herb will need in the growing process. Also, you need to establish whether you will have enough light or you will need to purchase grow lights. Lastly, ensure you get essential cleaners that will guarantee smooth system running.


Establish Good Growth Conditions

While hydroponic oregano is easy to grow, it still has some requirements you need to meet. You must establish suitable conditions for your herb beforehand so you do not end up disappointed and realize that you have been doing it all wrong. Remember that your plant will need enough sunlight exposure and a well-established climate to thrive. Therefore, you may need to make some adjustments around your home so your plant will have a proper growing environment.


Steps for Growing Oregano Hydroponically

If you want to grow oregano properly, following some simple steps is essential. Even though the process is straightforward, going through it precisely and attentively will bring you the expected results. The following steps have helped me grow my hydroponic oregano, so you may want to use them as guidelines in your indoor gardening journey.


Step 1: Choosing Between Seeds or Cuttings

Starting with oregano seeds means starting from the very beginning. If you decide to go with seeds, you will need to place them on a wet paper towel and expose them to sunlight. They need plenty of it, so ensure you find a good place for them with enough sunlight. Then, you will have to wait about 3 to 5 days for the seeds to germinate.

Your other option is to take cuttings from a healthy plant. You will need 5-6 inches of a mature oregano plant with the lower leaves removed. Once you do this, plant the cutting into your chosen growing medium and ensure that all requirements regarding nutrients and water are met.


Step 2: Transplant The Oregano to a Hydroponic Planter

If you have started your oregano seeds in the soil, you will have to clean the roots before putting them in a hydroponic planter. The easiest way to do this is to dip the roots in water and gently massage any dirt you may notice.

Be gentle when you put your oregano plant in your chosen hydroponic system. Ensure that you have provided enough nutrients for it, and do not expose it immediately to direct sunlight. If you use grow lights, dim them for the first few hours so the transition is not abrupt.


Step 3: Provide Proper Care Daily

Even though oregano doesn’t require a lot of maintenance in hydroponic planters, you still need to monitor it closely and give it the proper care it requires. You will need to check aeration, temperature, and pH levels daily. This is where a smart hydroponic system can come in handy. This type of technology has been helpful to me when I first started growing oregano. Since there is a mobile app that shows you exactly what your herb needs, the entire process goes seamlessly.

However, be sure to clean the system components regularly so the growth process is not interrupted in any way. Namely, regular cleaning will help eliminate the risk of mineral buildup in the system, which can obstruct the growth of your oregano.


Proper Conditions for Growing Hydroponic Oregano

Besides being mindful of the initial steps for growing oregano hydroponically, you need to pay attention to the conditions you provide for it. Although the nature of this herb allows an easy and smooth growing process, establishing some good conditions beforehand is essential. That is how you ensure that your oregano will bring you the desired results.


Light Requirements

Oregano requires sunlight, but it does not mean that you need to establish direct exposure to light at all times. It will do well with 12 to 16 hours of light daily, and you can keep it in an area that is not exposed directly to the sun. The edge of an indoor garden can be a perfect spot to place your oregano.

When it comes to indoor gardens, some people worry about not having enough sunlight. Luckily, oregano can thrive with artificial light as well. If you have a solid grow light system, your plant can get enough for proper photosynthesis. Nonetheless, you should be aware that natural light is always the better option. So, if you have the opportunity to provide natural sunlight for your plant, go for it! Just don’t move it around constantly - abrupt changes may result in stunted growth.


pH Range

The oregano plant requires a pH range between 6.0 and 8.0. The pH levels tend to drop around the end of the growth period. Therefore, be careful around this time with them and make adjustments whenever it is needed.


EC Range

Hydroponic oregano grows best with an EC level range between 1.5 and 2.0. Due to the easy growth features of this plant, oregano will perform well even outside this range. But, you might notice that its taste will slightly change. So, if you aim for a specific taste of your herb, ensure you keep good EC levels.



To achieve the desired results, your oregano will need to be provided with essential nutrients, the most important of which are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These contribute to the healthy development of your plant and support vegetative growth.


Amazing Oregano Recipes

Oregano is one of the basic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, pizza. With growing hydroponic oregano you will always have a fresh and delicious ingredient in your cooking. Plus, this herb is rich in vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber, and calcium.

Here are a few recipes you may want to try once your oregano flourishes.  


Garden Veggie Flatbread

No person does not enjoy the deliciousness of a flatbread mixed with diverse spices. This recipe is a quick way to prepare a heavenly dish with the products of your garden. You will only need 1 pita or focaccia flatbread and a mix of veggies and spices.

Combine olive oil, garlic powder, oregano, balsamic vinegar, and other spices in a bowl. Then, spread a layer of this mix on the flatbread and bake for 3-5 minutes. Once it is done, you can add fresh veggies on top of your flatbread and enjoy it for a quick lunch or dinner. It is an amazing option when you are in a hurry!


Herbal Oregano Tea

As I already mentioned, oregano comes with an abundance of health benefits, and the best way to take advantage of them is by preparing herbal tea. You only need 5 to 10 minutes to prepare an oregano tea. It is a great solution for sore muscles and common colds.

The preparation process is quite easy. Take a few leaves of your herb and gently crush them into small pieces. Then, add them to hot water and let them steep for about 10 minutes. Once it is done, you will have a healthy and tasty hot beverage! Herbal oregano tea is quite beneficial when you are ill - thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, you will go back to being healthy in no time!


Italian Seasoning

You should never throw away your excess herbs. Instead, dry them out, mix them with other spices, and get an authentic seasoning for your dishes. One example in which you can use your hydroponic oregano is Italian seasoning.

You will need dry oregano, thyme, dill, garlic, dried onion, mint, and black pepper. Mix all of them and place them in a container. Whenever you prepare pasta or some Italian dish, use the seasoning to add a special touch to your cooking.

Growing hydroponic oregano is easy as long as you are familiar with its requirements. Due to the simple growing conditions it needs, you will easily establish your indoor herb garden and have fresh oregano at all times. Considering its health benefits, you will enjoy experimenting with this herb while cooking!

If you are ready to create your smart indoor garden, check out these amazing hydroponic planters.

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