Why do we make Lph-Max Hydroponic Growing Garden

Why do we make Lph-Max Hydroponic Growing Garden - LetPot's garden

The birth of LetPot Max - The world's first 4-in-1 hydroponic system, made possible by 145 early Indiegogo backers

We are thrilled to share with you the success of our innovative automated hydroponic system, LetPot LPH-Max, on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Max launched in the IndieGoGo community in September 2022, and by March 2023, we had the support of 145 backers, raising a total of 336,215 HKD. Here, we would like to share the story behind Max's crowdfunding campaign, its unique features, and our ongoing commitment.

The birth of LPH-Max

Crowdfunding campaigns are both exciting and challenging. However, our belief in LetPot Max's potential to revolutionize the hydroponic industry drove us forward. The LetPot team consists of passionate gardening enthusiasts who worked in the smart agriculture industry prior to entering the home gardening market. We developed sensors, including temperature and humidity sensors, automated irrigation machines, and watering devices, and successfully collaborated with multiple agricultural research institutions, applying our products to greenhouse agriculture and planting.


Before developing Max, we often grew various plants in our office but frequently encountered the problem of forgetting to water them, especially during vacations. Every time we returned to the office, the plants would wither due to lack of water. We spent six months studying all the smart gardening products on the market and learning different hydroponic growing methods, but we still encountered many problems in practice, which led us to think creatively and innovatively.

How to automatically add nutrients? How to ensure plant survival without watering during travel? How to adjust the lighting mode to be both non-glare and meet the needs of plant growth? How to increase the number of plants and planting space? ...

With these questions in mind, and combining the features of our previous products, the prototype of LetPot Max was born. Max is a minimalist-designed smart garden that allows you to easily grow herbs and vegetables at home.

This is the first fully automated smart garden on the market that automatically adds nutrients and water through sensors. All you need to do is sow the seeds and wait for the harvest, truly achieving a high level of automation.


After continuous testing and adjustments by LetPot, we decided to introduce our next-generation smart hydroponic system to the IndieGoGo community in September 2022.

Max's main hydroponics system features include

As the world's first hydroponic system capable of automatic watering and nutrient addition, we are incredibly proud and excited. In the end, our supporters proved that the product could solve the difficulties they previously encountered in the process. It features a top 4-in-1 system:
  1. Automatic watering and nutrient addition: LetPot Max is equipped with an intelligent system and sensors. When you turn on automatic mode, Max can detect whether the water tank is low and automatically add water from an external storage container. It also adds the appropriate ratio of plant food through an AI algorithm, ensuring your hydroponic system has the optimal water and nutrient environment. This eliminates the guesswork in hydroponic gardening, and you can confidently travel and go on business trips, knowing that Max will take care of your plants.
  2. Adjustable brightness lighting system: Our customizable lighting settings allow users to provide ideal lighting conditions for their plants, meeting the needs of different scenarios and promoting healthy growth and development. LetPot's patented LED system allows plants to grow more than three times faster than other growing systems.
  3. Mobile app control: The LetPot app enables users to remotely monitor and control their hydroponic system, providing real-time updates and adjustments for maximum efficiency. Even when you're away from home, you can check on your smart garden anytime, anywhere.
  4. 6-inch dynamic touchscreen display: The user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and management of LetPot Max, displaying the water level and the status of the smart garden.


Due to Max's innovative features and unique design, we have received coverage from various media outlets, including Fox News and USA Today. Our product has also been tested by over 40 professional KOLs who have shared numerous videos. We sincerely thank each person who has supported LetPot. With your support and love, we have successfully turned Max into a reality.

Unfinished Missions and Tasks for hydroponics:


The successful development of Max is just our first step into the hydroponic market. We are committed to creating user-friendly, technologically advanced solutions for the hydroponic industry. Our team of experts is passionate about sustainable living and promoting healthier lifestyles through indoor gardening. LetPot Max reflects these values, aiming to make hydroponic gardening accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their experience or expertise. We firmly believe that smart and practical products create real value for customers. Our greatest joy is hearing from users who tell us how much they love Max, making us feel that all our efforts have been worthwhile.


In the future, we will continue to upgrade and optimize Max, including adding dedicated planting trays for fruit and flowers and incorporating plant support structures. Our goal is to enable everyone to easily grow plants and harvest their own vegetables with Max. We invite you to join our Facebook Group to share your planting experiences and provide suggestions. Each suggestion has the potential to shape the next iteration of Max!




Lastly, we want to express our gratitude once again to our community and supporters. We are extremely proud of our achievements in the LetPot Max crowdfunding campaign and the support we have received on Indiegogo. As we move forward, we will continue to innovate and promote sustainable development in the hydroponic industry, ensuring that the LetPot brand continues to provide breakthrough solutions for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Thank you for helping us make LetPot Max a reality and for growing with us!

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