Self-Watering Planters - SP1

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LetPot is a self-watering planter with 21 days of watering free, The plant pot bottom has a water storage system and supports the modular assembly of soil and hydroponics. Meet the...
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Hydroponic Grow System - LPH

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LetPot smart indoor hydroponic gardens grow your one plant at home.Know what's in your food and where it comes from when you grow it yourself. Be confident that...
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Smart Plant Pot - MP1

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LetPot Modular Planter is a smart self-watering planter with 21 days of watering free, The plant pot is designed with an auto watering system, accepts additional installation solar...
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Smart Drip Irrigation System - ISE

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LetPot Smart Gardening's automatic drip irrigation system is designed to help people water plants on busy days. The drip irrigation kit supports external Accessories of up to 20 Planters...
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Gardening Gadgets - SG

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LetPot wants to make gardening simpler and easier the convenience handy tool Is essential, do more with less effort.
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