Senior Hydroponic Growing System with App Control (12-Pod)

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About LetPot Senior Hydroponic Growing System

Introducing LetPot Senior, a smart 12-pod hydroponic system that can be controlled through the LetPot App. With up to 21" high LED panel and a 5.5 L water tank, you can easily grow your favorite herbs, veggies, fruits, or flowers all year round. The 100% full 24-Watt LED growing light simulates sunlight, while the silent water pump provides oxygen for plant roots. The included sponges replace soil for faster, cleaner, and easier growth. Made of durable and classic stainless steel, the Senior looks great in any room.

12-pod Senior Hydroponic Garden

  • 12 Pods with App remote control(for both Android & IOS)
  • Physical touchpad on the top of the light panel to control light mode and pump.
  • 24-watt full spectrum growing light for two growing mode: fruit&flowers and veggies&herbs
  • Light panel adjusts up to 21 inches high
  • Durable & High-Quality Stainless Steel Surface
  • Ultra-slience water pump to provide sufficent oxygen
  • 5.5L water tank lasting 3 weeks

Senior is the Most Popular Model

Why Choose Senior

Wi-Fi Connection APP Remote Control - LetPot Senior

Enhanced App Control

Unlike other hydroponic systems that rely on pre-set lighting intervals, our app empowers you to customize your lighting schedule with exact on and off times.

LetPot Senior hydroponic grow system

Intuitive Touchpad Control

Adjust lighting manually with the sleek touchpad on the panel top. Select light modes and toggle Wi-Fi/pump activation at your fingertips.

Automatic Water-Cycling System & Silent Water Pump - LetPot Senior

Smart Water Cycling

Features an ultra-quiet pump operating on 30-minute intervals, preventing root rot and ensuring optimal oxygenation.

Smart Full-Spectrum LED Growing System - LetPot Senior

Advanced Full-Spectrum Light

A true 24-watt full spectrum LED lighting system. Unlike traditional soil-grown plants, our LED system mimics natural sunlight, promoting photosynthesis and growth all year round, regardless of the weather.

Versatile LED Panels for Optimal Plant Growth with LetPot Senior - LetPot Senior

Flexible Light Panel

The LetPot Senior's LED panels extend up to 21 inches, catering to plants at every growth stage with ideal lighting conditions.

Never Let Your Plants Go Thirsty with LetPot's Transparent Buoy - LetPot Senior

Dual Water-Level Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor the water tank level with a glance at the buoy or receive mobile app alerts for low water levels, keeping your plants hydrated without guesswork.

Stainless Steel Surface - LetPot Senior

Durable Stainless Steel

Eschewing typical plastic, the LetPot Senior employs 304 stainless steel for enhanced durability and safety.

Effortlessly Refill Your Garden with The Convenient Water Filling Port - LetPot Senior

Convenient Water Refilling

The easy-access water-filling port simplifies garden maintenance. Just open the lid and pour to sustain your thriving plant ecosystem.

Easy-to-Clean Stopper - LetPot Senior

Hassle-Free Drainage System

Cleaning is a breeze with a straightforward drainage outlet. There's no need to invert the unit—simply remove the stopper to drain water effortlessly.

grow in hydroponics
smart  Hydroponic growing system

How to Connect LetPot APP

  1. Install the app and tap " add" button on the right right conner
  2. Waiting for scanning and choose the device found on the list
  3. Keep your phone close to letpot and waiting for its connecting progress
  4. Choose the wifi connection in your house and make the letpot is coverd by wifi signal
  5. Enter your WiFi password to allow Letpot to connect the Internet
  6. Then your will be redirectd to the device's main page and starting configurating


LetPot Senior VS other

Within the same price range, the LetPot Senior offers additional functionalities.


LetPot Senior

other brands

Pod capacity




😊Stainless steel & ABS


App control






Cycling pump



Light Setting

😊Flexible light on/off time

😭Fixed Intervals

Water tank capacity

😊5.5 L

😭2 - 4.5L

Grow With LetPot Senior

LetPot Smart Hydroponic Growing System | Unboxing and Set-Up

30 Day of harvest and setup

Red Romaine Lettuce in LetPot hydroponics system - A real review

senior hydropincis growing supplies

Package Info:


  • Material: stainless steel & ABS
  • Dimensions(inch): 17 x8 x9 (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 5.39lb (2.7KG)
  • Plant Pod Capacity: 12 pods
  • LED watt: 24 watts
  • Max Light panel height: 21 inches
  • Water Tank: 5.5L
  • Power Input: AC110-240V
  • Cable Length: 4.92 feet (59 inches)

What's in the box

  • Letpot Senior x 1
  • Sponges x 12
  • Basket kit x 12
  • Germination cover x 12
  • Plant Nutrients x 2
  • Supporting rod x 12
  • Shade cover x 6
  • Tag x6
  • Light-blocking sticker x 12
  • Plug adapter x 1

Why Hydroponic Growing?

Hydroponic gardening offers a revolutionary approach to cultivating plants, enabling rapid growth, increased yields, and remarkable water efficiency. This innovative method, which can be implemented in a single hydroponic garden or scaled up to larger hydroponic gardens, circulates a nutrient-rich water solution directly to plant roots. The result is faster growth rates and more abundant harvests compared to traditional soil-based methods. Hydroponics gardens are particularly noted for their water-saving features, utilizing up to 90% less water than conventional gardens. Moreover, hydroponics is well-suited for space-constrained indoor environments, providing families with a continuous supply of fresh vegetable.

Purer Food by Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening at home, through a hydroponic gardening system, enables the cultivation of cleaner and healthier vegetables and herbs. This soilless method significantly cuts down the need for pesticides and herbicides, ensuring your produce is free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, hydroponics gardening supplies plants with precise nutrients directly, eliminating the use of synthetic fertilizers. Opting for hydroponic gardening means enjoying purer, nutrient-rich food right from the comfort of your home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 277 reviews
Chris Brown
Amazing Beautiful Unit!

I’ve had this senior unit for 18 days and almost everything has sprouted. Cilantro can be stubborn but breaking apart seed pods helps! The design of the senior is beautiful and well thought out. I love the handles to pick it up and the stainless steels finish matches my kitchen appliances perfectly. Good size refilling hole that’s easy to open. Accurate water level gauge and very quiet pump. This thing puts out a lot of light! Only thing that can make it better is LED dimming control via the app. Highly recommend the senior for its functionality, beauty and price.

I'm love with growing again!

Years ago I had a smaller hydroponic grower and I loved it! It wasn't easy to access to check on the roots so I let them over grow and ruined the who system. I got this system for Christmas and have loved every minute of using it! There are features like an app you can download to use features remotely like changing your plants lighting times. You even get alerts right on your phone if there's an issue with your system. I never got an alert of course! My plants grew so fast and big I couldn't believe it! I'll attach pictures! I'm even using the light from the machine to help keep them healthy and growing until I can plant these beauties outside next month!!! Is recommend this system for beginners or experienced growers!

very happy for the results

The quality of the produce grown with LetPot is fantastic. The flavors are rich and vibrant far surpassing anything I could buy at the store.

Love this!

My fiance bought this for me for Christmas because we live in an apartment and it always made me sad that we couldn’t garden or grow our own food. It’s been two months and we are so happy with this set up! We have weekly fresh lettuce, parsley, basil and Thai basil - it’s been amazing and so helpful for cooking! Really tempted to buy 7 more and start growing everything. My advice if you’re thinking about it. Go for it.

Fantastic Product

I appreciate the eco-friendly packaging, but it could be a bit sturdier. The system itself works great, though!