LetPot Introduced Hydroponics Growing System Larger-Hole Designs

LetPot Introduced Hydroponics Growing System Larger-Hole Designs - LetPot's garden

LetPot Max's Exclusive Accessories What's the New Solution for Larger Plants Hydroponics growing system

Have you ever wondered why all hydroponic systems only use small holes to grow plants? This design is not friendly for growing large plants such as chili peppers and tomatoes because their branches are too thick and do not fit the diameter of the holes. But don't worry, there is a new solution to make large plants grow better in hydroponic systems.

 Max's Evolution: Addressing the Limitations of Traditional Hydroponic Systems

During the early development of Max's products, we wanted to design a hydroponic system that could grow more vegetables at once, and thus Max was born with 21 planting holes that allow users to plant 21 plants at a time. However, we soon realized that the small hole diameter of traditional hydroponic machines is not suitable for growing large plants such as chili peppers and tomatoes, as they cannot get enough space and nutrients to grow properly, resulting in slow growth. We did not want to give up on this idea, so we started looking for a solution and also collected user feedback, which became the inspiration for developing new products.

Introducing the exclusive accessory to Max Panel 

LetPot's Leap Towards User-Centric Innovations. After repeated testing and development, we created Max's exclusive accessory: the Fruit Panel, a planting panel with two larger planting holes that have a larger diameter and more growing space. The diameter of the pod has increased from less than 2cm in traditional hydroponic systems to 5cm, making it suitable for growing large plants when paired with larger planting cotton. Although developing a new mold requires a significant cost, we cannot ignore the real problem and the suggestions from users. User orientation has always been LetPot's long-term mission.

 planting panel with two larger planting holes

Harnessing Community Feedback: The Decision Behind the Two-Pod Design for the Fruit Panel

We posted a message on our Facebook community to gather opinions about the Fruit Panel. We were debating whether to design two or three planting holes, but after testing and voting, we ultimately decided on the two-pod solution. This is because Max's 7.5L water tank and plant nutrition ratio are perfectly suited for the growth needs of two large plants. In our tests, using the same ratio of water and nutrients, the planting effect of two pods was significantly better than that of three pods, so we ultimately chose the two-hole solution.

Fruit Panel

Challenge Identified: How to Secure Plant Branches

During the development of the Fruit Panel, we discovered a new problem: how to fix the plant branches. Traditional hydroponic products use a support rod to fix plants, which can work, but it is not the best solution for the two-pod planting panel.

Dual-Function Solution: Flawless Plant Support

Therefore, we also developed a planting support that can perfectly fix plant branches, which is suitable for both the Max 21-hole planting panel and the two-hole planting panel. These two products perfectly solve the problems encountered when growing large plants in hydroponic systems.

Fruit Panel's Distinct Design and Enhanced Plant Stability

The design of the Fruit Panel not only provides users with a larger planting hole diameter and more growing space but also provides better nutrient distribution, making the plants grow healthier. The unique design of the planting support can perfectly fix the branches of large plants, thereby improving the stability and growth effect of the plants.

Fruit Panel and the planting support,

Commitment to User-Centric Innovation in Hydroponics

Throughout the development of the Fruit Panel and planting support, we have always adhered to a user-oriented philosophy, constantly listening to user feedback and suggestions, and continuously optimizing and improving based on their needs. We firmly believe that through user-oriented product development, we can provide better solutions to users' problems and provide a better experience for all hydroponic growers.

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