Unveiling the Tale of Max's 2-Pod Plant Tray

Max's 2-Pod Plant Tray

Listening to Our Community: Feedback and Inspiration

Announcing Max's 2-Hole Planting Tray

As everyone know, we're happy to announce the launch of Max's 2-hole planting tray designed for growing large plants and fruit-bearing vegetation few months ago.

Inspiration from Crowdfunding

This idea came to fruition during Max's crowdfunding stage on Indiegogo. We listened attentively to feedback from users and influencers who encouraged us to create a specialized tray for growing big plants. This tray offers more space for growth, allowing two large plants to flourish perfectly. Upon receiving this suggestion, we swiftly took action – from design to sample printing, mold confirmation, and multiple production stages. Just two months ago, we finally completed production and eagerly sent our products to our crowdfunding backers and first batch of customers!

 sponge clip

The Story of First Production Process

Continuous Testing for Optimal Results

Throughout the production process, we continually tested the planting effects. We discovered that the gaps in the produced planting baskets were too small, hindering optimal root growth in later stages.

Balancing Commitments: Delivery and Quality?

However, we had also promised to ship these tray within a week. Balancing time and effect became our first challenge. So, we engaged in late-night discussions with our production team and decided that modifying the new mold would take a minimum of two months.

Manual Adjustments for Immediate Solutions

As a result, we manually adjusted the gaps in the first batch of larger baskets to provide more space for roots to grow perfectly. It took three days of scissors in hand, meticulously trimming and creating larger gaps for better root development. Customers receiving these early larger baskets would notice the traces of these manual modifications beneath them


One problem after another

Prioritizing Superior Solutions
When confronted with a better solution that required additional labor and costs, we proudly prioritized the solution. We firmly believe that investing a little extra time and cost is acceptable, as long as it guarantees the product's performance and planting effectiveness. While the gap in the baskets might not entirely affect the planting experience, we're committed to delivering superior solutions whenever possible.

Addressing Sponge Density Challenges
Having resolved the first issue, we promptly packaged the goods and shipped them. However, a week after shipping, we received a second message from our lab. The wider diameter of this larger sponge was perfect for well-established plants' roots. Yet, for smaller seedlings, their delicate roots struggled to penetrate the sponge. This highlighted the need to adjust the sponge density. Striking the right balance was crucial – too firm a sponge would hinder rooting and growth, while too soft wouldn't provide adequate support for the plants.

Adjust the sponge

What We Done

Facing a Second Dilemma
This dilemma presented us with another critical decision. Replacement was inevitable, but the question was how to execute it? What material and density should the new sponges possess?

Choosing the Right Sponge Material
After testing various sponge materials, we concluded that all products still in our warehouse needed the new sponges. Even products en route to overseas warehouses had to be intercepted by logistics companies for sponge replacement.

Supporting Our Loyal Customers
For our existing customers, especially our crowdfunding supporters and early testers who had already received their orders, we took the initiative. We would notify them individually and dispatch small packages containing the improved sponge.

NEW Max's 2-Pod Plant Tray

Perfecting the Sponge Design

After numerous iterations, two days ago, we finally arrived at a version that satisfied everyone. These new sponges are currently in production, and we're aiming to ship them to those who've purchased the 2-pod planting trays by August 30th. To all our valued customers, please reach out to rex@letpot.com
and I'll personally assist you in receiving the updated package.

Our Growth and Gratitude

From LetPot's inception till now, we've received immense support from our users. Our team has grown from under 200 members post-crowdfunding to 1000 members today, and this journey wouldn't have been possible without each user's support.

Commitment to Excellence

We hold your trust in high regard and are committed to delivering on it. Whenever we identify areas for improvement in our products, we strive to make those improvements. This journey has presented us with various challenges, particularly for Max – the first desktop planter with automated features in the market.

Challenges, Feedback, and Team Resilience

Customers faced more issues than we anticipated, but we've diligently recorded each one and incorporated optimizations in new versions.
Fortunately, through this process, we've received sincere suggestions and support from you all. Our team members have demonstrated enduring patience and a shared value – the user experience and planting results are always paramount.
This article is an expression of gratitude to each LetPot user for their support, and it's also an acknowledgment of our team members' contributions and encouragement. We hope to share with you the true story behind our product's journey.

Reaching Out for the Updated Version

Lastly, I want to extend my appreciation once again to every user for your support. To all customers who've purchased the 2-hole planting tray accessories before 30 Aug, please contact rex@letpot.com or hello@letpot.com. We aim to send you the updated version of the larger sponge by the end of this month. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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