Replaceable Net Pot (Hydroponic Pot)

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Style: Hydroponic

These net pots can be used on Smart Modular Planters or Self-water Planters.


How to use:

If you own both the MP1 and a self watering planters, you can use this replacement net pot to build a hydroponic planter and then connect your MP1, which brings you a large-scale hydroponic garden or a large self-watering planter, all controlled by an app.

This means that with just one MP1, by purchasing some self-watering planters and some replacement net pots, you can achieve the effect of multiple MP1s.

Place the replacement net pot in the self-watering planter, then connect the self-watering planters, so that the MP1's controller can drive the water flow into the new planters, allowing you to control all your hydroponic equipment through the LetPot app.

Package Includes :

· Hydroponic pot x6