Max Hydroponics Growing System, 21 Pods Self-Managed Garden with App Control(LPH-Max)

Max Hydroponics Growing System, 21 Pods Self-Managed Garden with App Control(LPH-Max)

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Bring the power of nature into your home with LPH-Max - the revolutionary 4-in-1 smart hydroponic system. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual watering and nutrient adding, with its automated process, the LPH-Max will effortlessly provide your plants with all the necessary care. Equipped with auto-filling water, auto-adding nutrients, auto-LED light, and auto-cycling pump, this system will transform the way you grow plants in your household. With seamless WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control your hydroponic garden from anywhere, anytime. Experience a smarter and easier way to cultivate your greens with LPH-Max and rediscover the joy of urban gardening."

"Effortless Indoor Gardening with LPH-Max 4-in-1 Hydroponic System"

Transform your indoor gardening experience with the innovative and smart 4-in-1 hydroponic system - LPH-Max. Say goodbye to manual labor and welcome effortless growing. With its combination of auto-filling water, auto-adding nutrients, auto-LED light, and auto-cycling pump, LPH-Max will revolutionize the standard of urban gardening.

"Automated Water and Nutrient System Brings Effortless Thriving Indoor Gardening with LPH-Max"

Let LPH-Max be your personal butler, ensuring your plants are always healthy and thriving. Equipped with 3 water pumps and 2 water level sensors, it will detect water shortages and automatically replenish water and nutrients, giving you peace of mind even when you're away.

"Grow Your Plants Anywhere and Anytime with LPH-Max's Dual Control Mode"

Control your hydroponic garden from the palm of your hand with LPH-Max's dual control mode - a 4.8-inch touch-pad screen or through the LetPot app. Keep up-to-date on the state of your plants wherever you are.

"Speed Up Harvest Time with 21 Planting Pods and Patented LED System of LPH-Max"

Speed up your harvest time by 40% and grow your veggies and herbs with ease and cleanliness. LPH-Max's 21 planting pods allow you to grow all year round without the need for traditional soil-based gardens. The patented 36-watt full-spectrum LED system with 2 growing modes and nano waterproof coating provides the perfect light spectrum for optimal plant growth.

"LPH-Max Brings a Healthier and More Sustainable Lifestyle with Quality Assurance Program"

Experience the future of indoor gardening with LPH-Max and receive 365 days of quality assurance. Start your journey towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle today!"

"Two Growing Modes and Nano Waterproof Coating LED"

Illuminate your garden with our advanced LED system

"Harvest 21 plants at a time"

We support most herbs and vegetables. And grow 21 plants at the same time.

  • Product

    • Auto-filling water
    • Auto-adding nutrients
    • Auto-LED light
    • Auto-cycling pump
    • Water & Nutrients Shortage Reminder
    • 2 Control Modes(Auto/APP
    • 4.8 Inches Touch-Pad Screen
    • Harvest Your Veggies 40% Faster
    • 21 Plant pod capacity
    • 2 Growing Modes

    (Fruits & Flowers / Veggies & Herbs)

  • Product Attributes

    • Power input: AC110-240V
    • Power consumption 36W
    • Power consumption per day 0.432 kWh
    • Cable length 1.5 m (59″)
    • Water tank capacity 7.5 L (1.98 US gal/1.6 UK bal)
    • Material Stainless steel + Black
    • Product width 400 mm (16.5")
    • Product height 686mm (28" )
    • Product depth 257 mm (11.4")
    • Product weight 3.2kg(7.16 lb)

  • What's in the box

    • LPH-MAX
    • 36W LED grow light system
    • 21-Pod Seed Kit
    • 2-Plant Food Liquid Nutrients
    • Power Adapter
    • One-year after-sales warranty on the official website

Garden Like a Pro with Our Innovative and Original Designs

Our innovative and original designs have gained recognition from over 400 news sites and have been tested by 200+ KOL&KOC. And, our popularity is still on the rise. Our mission is to enhance the experience of traditional gardening products using technology, and our goal is to provide a worry-free and fruitful gardening experience to everyone. Join us and enjoy the fun of gardening with ease.

Stay Informed Anytime, Anywhere: LetPot's Exclusive APP and Reminders

Control your garden with ease using our LetPot system. With a 4.8-inch dynamic display touch-screen, setting up and adjusting your garden has never been easier. Plus, our exclusive LetPot APP [V2.3.6 version, updated on 1/12/2023] allows for remote control, so you can stay informed about your plants' status from anywhere. The system also sends reminders to fill the extra water tank and nutrient storage box, giving you up to 30 days of freedom before needing to tend to your garden. With LetPot, you can travel worry-free and come back to a fruitful harvest from your next-generation garden.

The Advanced LED System 3X Faster Growing Light

Patented 36W growing light allow your plant growing rapidly, with 9-level adjustable brightness, which is more suitable for bedroom or living room and protect your eyes from glaring light, you can set up the brightness easily through the App or the screen, to meet the different needs of your plants.

Break Free from Traditional Gardening: LPH-Max's Limitless Possibilities

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional gardening. With LPH-Max, you no longer need a large plot of land to grow plants. Our product features 21 planting pods, making it the most versatile option on the market.

Clearer display on the touch panel

The touch panel will display all the information you need, including a series of functions such as light intensity, water level, time, setting status, etc., allowing you to know the real-time information of the device at the first time

Growing Made Easy: LetPot's Comprehensive Set for Growing Your Own Food

Everything you need to start growing your own fresh produce is included in our comprehensive set. From growing sponges to baskets, A&B plant food, a certified adapter, and an easy-to-understand user manual, we've got you covered. Simply plant your seeds and wait for the harvest. At LetPot, we're committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, which is why all of our products come with lifetime service and continuous remote upgrades (OTA) for both hardware and our exclusive APP, all easily accessible through WIFI.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Better Instruction

Just received the kit, however, I will give pros and cons.
Pros: has a pump, feeding container, wifi connection, plant food, all you need is learn how to use it :D

Cons: instructions could be clearer
does not make clear if ENTIRE plant food A and B goes in water. Does not say how much food for what type of plants growing. Not sure if you need an external bottle of water to keep water level correct. The App does not connect. No 24 hr service to call an agent nor a live agent.
If any one has a clue I would appreciate assistance to get started. I am trying to plant my tomato seeds and basil. I hope to enjoy soon.

Alsalami Waleid
Good Timing

Thank you for your fast respond

Colleen Weber
Great for beginners!

I love this hydroponic system! I’ve never tried gardening, or really had any interest in anything “outdoorsey” before. This seemed like the perfect way to dip my toes in the water & not have to do any digging. Almost everything has been growing beautifully! Unfortunately, my spinach & bean seeds got moldy & never sprouted, but I’m going to try again! I have a mixture of herbs, veggies, and fruit (cherry tomatoes) growing in here, and I left them on the vegetable setting. So far it hasn’t been a problem. I appreciate that the system gets you started off with 1 sets of sponges, 21 total. It’s great for beginners; it was really rewarding because some of my plants started growing SO quickly & now I’m actually getting excited about gardening & planning what I want to try next. It’s also very low maintenance once set up. I could see this being a great classroom project!

Absolutely amazing hydroponic system I just bought a third one.

Honestly, there’s nothing to dislike. It is so easy and user-friendly..

Jane L. Dough
My only complaint

I love this however, I wish the lights covered the edges better. All the plants on the outside want to lean inward which means they are not getting enough quality light out there on the edges of the unit.