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Self-watering Planter with 21 Days Watering-free 1-Pot*2 Pcs

Self-watering Planter with 21 Days Watering-free 1-Pot*2 Pcs

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The Ultimate Modular and Plants-Friendly Planter

LetPot's self-watering planter is a modular and plants-friendly design that can go up to 18-30 days without watering after filling water once. It serves as the perfect butler for your plants when you are away. Made from food-grade resin (BPA-free) with an extra-thickened design, LetPot is durable and rugged, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use throughout all seasons. You can easily grow your own vegetables, fruits, and flowers all year round. Our patented water-absorbing base allows roots to grow freely without rotting, distinguishing it from traditional self-watering pots. Moreover, the flexible modular design means you can grow different plants simultaneously and use LetPot with hooks on railings or walls to create your unique smart garden. All LetPot self-watering planters come with a 1-year sales service and lifetime broken service.

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LetPot - Hassle-free plant care for up to 21 days

With LetPot, you can effortlessly care for your plants for up to 21 days without lifting a finger. Our innovative self-watering planter incorporates a water storage tank that guarantees your plants remain hydrated even while you're away. Suitable for nurturing a variety of indoor and outdoor plants including violets, orchids, snake plants, mint, parlor palm, devil's ivy, cactus, and aloe.

Natural and Breathable Self-Watering Planters

LetPot's unique 2-layer self-watering structure replicates nature's ecology, delivering the perfect amount of moisture to your plants. Unlike other self-watering pots that can retain water and cause root rot, our breathable and flexible design offers your plants ample room to thrive.

Versatile and Customizable Planting System

LetPot is the perfect do-it-yourself solution for your home and garden. Our individual pots can be effortlessly combined and extended with screws or interconnected through water pipes for added flexibility and convenience. Moreover, the pots can be tilted on a windowsill to create additional growing space, making them ideal for cultivating hanging vines. With LetPot, you have a versatile and customizable planting system at your fingertips.

Modular Planting System for Diverse Plant Growth

With LetPot's modular structure, you can cultivate multiple plants in a single planter, each with its own dedicated growing space. Our design allows you to conveniently add water by lifting the upper pot, providing a healthy and optimal environment for your plants to flourish. Whether you want to grow different herbs or a variety of colorful flowers, LetPot's versatile and modular planting system offers you the flexibility to customize your garden to your liking.

Durable and Safe Planters for All Seasons

LetPot is made from food-grade resin (BPA-free), ensuring a safe and healthy environment for growing edible plants. Its extra-thick design makes it resistant to the extremes of both hot summers and cold winters, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, all LetPot products come with a 1-year quality guarantee and lifetime customer service, giving you peace of mind when you choose LetPot for your gardening needs. With LetPot, you have durable and safe planters that can withstand all seasons.

  • Plants-friendly structure

    The patented water-absorbing design can not only simulate the natural soil layer, but also more breathable for roots, make your plants grow freely and rapidly.

  • Flexible Modular design

    LetPot SP1 can be extended to different unit type, that you can DIY your planter and garden for various scenes, or you can connect each LetPot SP1 planter by the water pipe.

  • 18-30 days watering free

    The double layer water storage design can provide enough water for your plants at least 18-30 days, it’s easier and cleaner than the traditional gardening mode.

Self-Watering Pot

Self-watering design, hands-free watering for at least 21 days

Unique modular design, flexible replacement of plants

Rugged and durable, Thickened design

Recyclable food-garde resin without BPA, growing edible plants safely

Double layer storage design, one refill, can last 18-30 daysGrow different plants at once

The patented absorbent base design simulates the natural soil layer, allowing plants and roots to grow freely

When placed on the windowsill, it can also be slightly tilted to give plants more room, especially for hanging vines

Different from traditional self-absorbing flowerpots, LetPot is designed to be more breathable, and plants are not easy to rot or absorb water excessively

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